Why I don’t want kids

Children and motherhood are the subjects du jour in Norway these days. Women are told we aren’t having enough of them, and that we need to have a lot more babies if we want to keep the country running. We are told to embrace motherhood in order to save the economy and the motherland. I’m not going to throw my two cents into that particular debate, as my feelings have already been expressed by people far more eloquent than me, but I would still like to share a few thoughts on the subjects of kids.  

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On depression: three years later

Or, well, actually, four. Let me explain.

This is the draft of a blog post that I have kept in the notes app on my iMac for a year but never posted. I recently stumbled across it again, and although it is unfinished I feel like it is good enough to post. It ends rather abruptly, but I felt like it would be wrong to add an ending to it an entire year later. I hope you still find it worth reading.

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