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Out Of The Bag’s “Women Who Work”

  Just a heads up that the lovely Lin of "Out Of The Bag" is writing a series of blog posts about workwear, and that I ...


Why I’m a Feminist

I'm a feminist... Because people tell me I'm lucky I have a man who likes to cook. Because I'm not even 30 and I have been ...


Review: The Daniel Sandler Watercolor Blush

One of the presents I received last Christmas was a Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush in the color "Cherub", gifted to me by the ...


Shopping Fast: Month 6

Things I wanted to buy, but didn’t: I found it: The Acne Velocite leather jacket that I have been lusting after for four long years. It was priced down 60%, from "OMG I have to choose between this jacket and my trip to NYC" and down to "OMG this will set me back a whole month's worth of savings". ...


My Top 10 Essential WordPress Plugins

Today's post will be all about WordPress plugins. If you're new on WordPress you might not quite know where to begin, and if you're an experienced user you might still want a few new tips. Or maybe you have a few plugin-related tips to share with us? Either way, here are my 10 ...


The Beauty Scenario TAG

It has been a while since my last tag post, so today I'm doing "The Beauty Scenario TAG". What would you do if the hair dresser messed up your haircut? And what is the one makeup item you really hope the makeup burglars will leave behind?   1. You have to get rid of all your foundations and ...


The non-intrusive iPhone

... Or "How to take control of your iPhone". Have you ever caught yourself checking your phone for the umpteenth time while thinking "this ain't right"? I know I have! The damn thing kept beeping, vibrating and flashing its screen at me, and like some pavlovian response I kept picking it up and ...