My make-believe minimalist makeup collection

After my last blog post I got a question on Instagram from @mycatssaymeow, who asked me which makeup products I would pick if I had to narrow my collection down to 15 items. This was surprisingly easy to answer, but I suppose most of us have those staple products that we reach for day in and day out, right?

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Downsizing Beauty: the update

Back in august I wrote a post about how I wanted to downsize my makeup collection and how I would update you on the process after a few months. We then proceeded to buy an apartment and got caught up in all things moving related, and it is now 6 months later and I am slightly embarrassed by my lack of an update. But better late than never, right? Get ready for some #shittyminimalism!

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A Lazy Girl’s Hair Trick

I’m pretty sure I promised you a “Lazy Girl’s Hair Trick” once? I know I did! The thing is, I’m absolutely useless with hair. I have no patience for it. I never use my curling wand or straighteners, and if a style takes more than 5 minutes to do in the morning then it just won’t happen. Nope. Never. Which is why I have to share this trick with you – it is dead easy, and all you need is a couple of hair clips! You don’t even need to have freshly washed hair. No heat, no fuss. This, my friends, is this lazy girl’s holy grail.

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My Skincare Routine

I recently realized that I have never done a post about my skincare routine before. This is not really all that strange considering I have never been much into skincare in the past: I had a few products that did the trick – eye makeup remover, cleanser and moisturizer – and never really saw any point in advancing my routine any further. However, around this time last year I started using a brand new (for me) skin care range, and I also discovered a few other products that worked really well for me. I have noticed a massive difference in my skin, and now that I have used the same products regularly for nearly 12 months I thought it would be time to share!

A small disclaimer at first: What works for me might not necessarily work for you. My skin is very dry and sensitive, so someone with oily or combination skin will probably have different needs than mine.


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