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Guest post: Kanutten’s 5 piece French wardrobe

Hi everyone! My name is Kanutten and I will be your guest blogger for today. Maja needed a day off, so she propped me up on a chair and left me by the keyboard. This was fine by me – I am featured far too rarely on this thing and today I am taking it upon myself to make poodle the new black. Prepare your eyeballs, because I’m coming for them. This is my super minimalist 5 piece French wardrobe.

I’m an all-natural kind of girl, so I’m not going to write about beauty. I shampoo and condition my curls once every two weeks and the rest of the time I #wokeuplikethis. What I want to write about, however, is my wardrobe. Maja loves to write about her clothes and most of all she likes to write about how to not buy any more clothes than she actually needs. Bitch please. We all know who’s the true minimalist in this house, and let me tell you, it’s not the girl who poops inside.

Yeah, I went there.

If you are looking for a Shiny Minimalist Guru of Stuffless Perfection™ then look no further, because I have NAILED the 5 piece French wardrobe. I only own 5 pieces! Three sweaters, a raincoat and a winter coat. Boom. Done. I would like to see little miss blogger over there get by with that little. Poser.

Now, let me take you on a tour of my expertly curated closet.

The oversized raspberry sweater

This sweater is a handmade artisan one of a kind original. Don’t believe me? Ask Maja, she’s the one who knitted it for me. It is an oversized fit, but I’m told that oversized styles are very in this season. It is knitted from 100% Norwegian wool and is very warm and snuggly. Perfect to cover up those extra Christmas ounces.

Fluffy apricot-colored toy poodle wearing a too large pink knitted sweater

The cropped knit

Another one of my bespoke artisan originals, c/o Maja. She made this sweater a bit cropped, but I totally have the body to pull it off. I always feel like purple is very appropriate for December, so that is when I like to wear it the most.

Kanutten the toy poodle shows off her perfect 5 piece French minimalist wardrobe

The custom striped alpaca sweater

This one was a custom order by The Boyfriend (Maja’s boyfriend, not mine). I think he felt insecure about walking a pink- or purple clad 6 pound poodle around town and needed something more gender neutral for me to wear. I forgive his manly insecurities though, because Maja really outdid herself with this man-friendly black and blue creation in 100% alpaca wool. Very classic, such understated, much luxe.

Fluffy apricot-colored toy poodle wearing a black and blue striped knitted sweater

The eye-catching rain coat

Truth bomb: I don’t like to walk in the rain. I even walk around puddles to keep from getting my paws wet! Sadly, sometimes you just have to go outside no matter the weather, and that’s where this rain coat enters the picture. It is very high quality and in an eye-catching firetruck red. This is a true forever piece, and everyone assures me I look positively adorable in it.

Kanutten the toy poodle shows off her perfect 5 piece French minimalist wardrobe

The winter onesie

This is the newest addition to my wardrobe – my winter onesie! I am six years old and have survived just fine without a winter onesie so far, but I know for a fact that my people have been very reluctant to take me for long walks when it is extra super cold outside. I have very little body fat and poodles only have a single layer coat, which means that I start to shake and shiver very easily. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m cold, but the onesie does keep me from getting wet and it also keeps snow from sticking to my fur, so it’s all good. The onesie is lined with soft fleece and makes me feel like a toasty warm marshmallow.

Fluffy apricot-colored toy poodle wearing an army green winter onesie

I hope you enjoyed this peek inside my wardrobe! As you can see I have tried to keep the number of items low while keeping the quality high, and I very much think that I have reached my goal. If you are looking for the true minimalist wardrobe then look no further. This is it.

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47 thoughts on “Guest post: Kanutten’s 5 piece French wardrobe

  1. This is adorable. And hilarious. But mostly adorable! As someone who is living in rented accommodation and isn’t allowed a pet, I am always happy for some more Kanutten! I have always wondered – does Kanutten stand for anything?

    • Kanutten was the name of a Norwegian children’s TV show character in the 60s! We adopted her when she was four so it was her breeder who named her :)

  2. elsa the tiny schnauzer says:

    Hi Kanutten! I also have a 5 piece french wardrobe! Maybe it’s a dog thing? I see we have the same taste in raincoats! I’m sometimes forced to wear a rain jumpsuit as well. Not cool if you ask me. Not cool at all. When it gets really cold I wear a burgundy winter coat and black fleece/leather boots, which I hate, but I’ve been told they’re a must to avoid frost bitten tiny toes. I hear compliments and get a treat every time the boots are put on, so they must be really good looking, too. My fifth piece is a pink safety vest. It’s kind of nice and as it means going for a walk, I’m always eager to wear it.

    • Hi Elsa the Schnauzer! I have a safety west too, I completely forgot. It is neon yellow with reflector paw prints on it. I also have tiny boots, I have to wear them when the roads are salty in the winter to keep my paws from getting sore. I hate them. I love the safety west though.

    • She might! I thing she’s worried I will steal her thunder. She blogs about packing and travel sometimes, maybe I could show you my travel routine!

  3. I smiled all the way through this Kanutten – I see you have your owner’s wicked sense of humour and also her innate style. Now if you ever want to progress beyond the 5 piece minimalist wardrobe – could I recommend a Fair Isle one which would be most becoming for you and would show off your curls beautifully. A bit like the one Talisker (a Border Terrier) I know is kind of modelling on my current blog post. I didn’t realise how popular winter knits were for trendy doglets! I do have to say though, you have a cracking figure for carrying off the cropped knit!

  4. Uh-mazing. Sami over here is so jealous, she’s just naked, with only a cone and a harness (sounds so very S&M but it’s way more innocent than that, I swear). However this is her first winter here in Madrid and I think at least a rain coat will be necessary. I made a coat last year for my mom’s chihuahua so hopefully I kind of remember how and can make her a larger one. Or maybe I just knit her a sweater like you did? Those are pretty hot…

    That onesie is really the show-stopper though. Why does it transform her into a bouncy hunchback? I love it.

    • I think she doesn’t like that the sleeves cover her elbows and knees, it is like she forgets how to leg :D

      Knitting these dog sweaters was dead easy, I can show you the “pattern” if you’d like! It’s just to flat pieces sewn together, anyone can do it.

      • Ah, yes, forgetting how to leg… a common problem. :P I think I am probably not going to knit Sami a sweater, since I just realized I started a shawl for myself last winter and it is only half-way finished, so that’ll probably take me another 5 years or so. But maybe a coat. Remember this little one I made?

        Just have to make a larger pattern for my oh-so-large dog:)

        • that coat was so adorable, and it looks really well-made too! I swear that the sweaters don’t take me more than a couple of evenings to knit though, and I am not a knitting expert. But then again I have a very small dog :)

    • Seriously. 6 and a half years old and not a single wrinkle. I wish she’d write a beauty secrets tell-all. Must be all the mud-rolling and tree-sniffing, somehow.

  5. This is hilarious!
    Kanutten really has nailed the super minimalist wardrobe…looks like I have a thing or two to learn :)
    Out of curiosity, what does the name Kanutten mean, if anything? Other than super minimalist chic poodle with luscious (natural) curls?

    • Kanutten was the name of a Norwegian children’s TV show character in the 60s! We didn’t pick the name, but it suits her. It’s pronounced Kah-nut-ten :)

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