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The 1 year shopping fast

Yup, I’m jumping on the bandwagon: I will start a 1 year shopping fast as soon as I get back from my summer holiday. Actually – if I am being completely honest it might be only 10 months, or 11, but it will still be a good stretch of time and in any case 1 year sounds much more impressive than 10 or 11 months. In the past I have scoffed at people doing this, claiming it to be too extreme and a complete overkill, but over the past few months I have come to the conclusion that I think it would do me good. Why?

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How I shop for clothes

It might seem a bit strange to devote a whole post to the act of going shopping. After all, all you really have to do is go to a few shops and make sure to bring your credit card, and voilà, before you know it you are shopping! I think you have gathered by now that this is not quite my style of doing things, though. Let’s face it, I’m much too anal for that. I try to avoid bad purchases the best I can, and I try my best to go for quality over quantity. My goal is to have a closet where everything has a use and fits together – shortly put, a closet where everything looks like it belongs to the same person. This usually requires a bit more planning than just leaving my house, credit card in hand.

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Elle Magazine: 10 rules of style, part 2

Okay, time for part 2 of my little “Elle Magazine: 10 Rules of Style” mini series! I was so happy to hear that you liked the first one, because it feels a little bit like a cop-out to post things from magazines. Then again I usually love it when others do this, because there’s so much bland mumbo-jumbo to wade through in the world of magazines and I think it is terrific when bloggers share the truly good stuff. At least I know that doing these posts has made me want to go through my magazine backlog again! Okay, let’s get cracking…

Sophia Kokosalaki: Greek, London-based designer. Check her out on Net-a-porter!

Sophia Kokosalaki 10 Rules of Style

Mary Portas: English retail expertand broadcaster, best known for her retail and business related television shows.

Mary Portas 10 Rules of Style

Serena Rees: Co-founder of Agent Provocateur. She currently owns Cocomaya chocolatiers – Yum!

Serena Rees 10 Rules of Style

Roksanda Ilincic: Serbian fashion designer based in London, known for her elegant day and evening dresses.

Roksana Ilincic 10 Rules of Style

Daphne Guinness: It’s Daphne, bitch! (Yes, I liked that one so much I used it twice. Sue me).

Daphne Guiness 10 Rules of Style


Elle Magazine: 10 rules of style, part 1

I don’t read many fashion magazines, in fact, I only read Elle UK regularly. I started my subscription a few years ago, and bought it every single month for a long time before that. I’m not quite sure why it is the only one I bother reading, but it doesn’t seem to be as full of confidence-destroying “advice” and general junk as a lot of other women’s magazine. I want fashion and beauty, not recipes, sex tips, training regiments and statements about how my brows are too limp and my elbows are too wrinkly and my vagina is, I don’t know, too sad looking. Leave my vagina alone, dammit, I just want to look at handbags! Anyway, they had a regular column a few years ago where they would feature a well-known woman in every issue and present her 10 rules of style. I absolutely loved this column, and a while back I decided to scan them so that they would be easier to find. The fact that I could share them with you guys didn’t even dawn on me until last week, but better late than never, right?

You can click them for a larger view!

Anya Hindmarch: English fashion accessories designer (and the woman behind the global sell out “I’m not a plastic bag” tote back in 2007, I’m sure a lot of you remember that one).

Anya Hindmarch 10 Rules of Style

Sonia Rykiel: Needs to introduction. It’s Sonia, bitch!

Sonia Rykiel 10 Rules of Style

Savannah Miller: Previously one of the co-designer behind Twenty8Twelve, now designing solo under her own name.

Savannah Miller 10 Rules of Style

Elle Macpherson: Model, actress, businesswoman.

Elle Macpherson 10 Rules of Style

Roberta Armani: Giogios niece, Armani ambassador and liaison to her uncle.

Roberta Armani 10 Rules of Style

What do you think, are there any rules here that you can relate to? Do you have any “rules of style” of your own?


Why I don’t wear heels

I can’t walk in high heels. No, scratch that – I won’t. Not in the way other women seem to wear them anyway, to work or school or anywhere that requires an average amount of going about your daily life. Like with beer and olives I have a knee-jerk reaction to anything you “just have to get used to”. They’re an acquired taste, heels. You just have to learn to get over the pain and their immobilizing effects, that’s all. Get accustomed to the unbearable, toe-crushing, arch-agonizing, heel-blistering trauma and you’ll be fine! Honestly! The lower back pains will go away once you acclimatize your body to perpetual tip-toeing after all, or at least they will go away once you sit down. You’ll look glamorous and feminine and in-control in all your wincing, stumbling glory!

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