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33 things I learned in 33 years

Now that I have celebrated my thirty-third birthday I thought it was time to share some of my deep and profound old lady wisdom. Here are 33 things I learned in 33 years.

In my nearly 33 years on this planet I have learned that ….

  1. I can no longer keep up to date on all the hit TV shows, movies and new bands. I’m old and overwhelmed. No, I have not seen Breaking Bad yet. Leave me alone.
  2. I have to take care of my body now in a different way than in my twenties. Playing video games or using my phone too much gives me tendinitis, and early this year my knees started hurting for no damn reason.
  3. All the time I spent learning skills in my spare time in my twenties has paid off in my thirties. I never went to school for writing or social media or marketing or photography, but I wouldn’t have been where I am in my career if I hadn’t spent time learning those skills.
  4. Sunscreen, retinol and chemical exfoliants are the holy trinity of skincare.
  5. If you get a dog, people will 1) ask you how old it is, and 2) ask you when you expect it to die. I can’t count the amount of conversations I have had with people where they first compliment me on Kanutten and ask how old she is, and then, without missing a beat, ask me “and how old do they usually get?”. Please stop asking me when my dog will die. It makes me sad.
  6. You can’t change people. They will change if they want to change, and not a second sooner.
  7. Mental health should be a priority in the same way that your physical health is.
  8. The older you get, the less fucks you give. If I were offered a chance to be 18 again, I’d turn it down.
  9. It is perfectly fine to take an afternoon nap every once in a while.
  10. Losing my job wasn’t the end of the world. My new job is just as cool.
  11. I don’t want kids.
  12. Not to take things personally. 99% of the time it’s not personal.
  13. If your spouse or partner is also your best friend, you’ve struck gold.
  14. Meditation isn’t just some new age mumbo-jumbo. It has been tremendously beneficial to me.
  15. If you write about mental health on the internet, people you barely know will contact you out of the blue and more or less ask you to be their therapist. Don’t be that person. It’s extremely rude to ask someone to do that and I will always, always say no. There’s a reason why those things should be left to actual healthcare professionals.
  16. Speaking of which, I have also learned to set boundaries.
  17. Life is too short to eat mediocre ice cream. Buy the good stuff.
  18. That cutting negative people out of your life will make room for good people to enter it. And not because of some woo-woo “the universe will provide” type shit, but because it will literally free up time in your schedule and space in your brain.
  19. To get my head out of my ass. At least most of it.
  20. To not be so embarrassed about things. Very few things actually matter.
  21. What I can sensibly fit into a day or week without getting overwhelmed.
  22. What’s worth throwing a hissy fit over (very few things, it turns out).
  23. The amazingness of file recovery software. But also that backups are important.
  24. I am officially old enough to see the return of trends that I wore as a teenager.
  25. I have enormous amounts of privilege. Every time I start to think I’m #woke I discover 10 new ways in which I’m currently being an asshole.
  26. I try to figure people out like they are puzzles or riddles, and that people aren’t puzzles or riddles.
  27. I now forget words in Norwegian just as often as I do in English.
  28. I spend an above average amount of time thinking about 2007 Britney Spears.
  29. What my priorities are (and what they aren’t).
  30. That a year at 32 is much shorter than it was at 22.
  31. To be comfortable with discomfort.
  32. Designer nail polish is never worth it.
  33. That it is really hard to write one of these lists without sounding like a fucking inspirational wall-hanging from Etsy.

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