What’s in my bag?

Seeing as it has been almost exactly two years since I last did a What’s in My Bag post it is high time to make a new one. I love it when other bloggers (and celebrities, too) do these, so I am willing to bet you are as curious about what other people carry around in their bags as I am!

Mulberry Bayswater

This is my favorite everyday bag, my black buffalo leather Mulberry Bayswater (adlink). I bought it in Paris a year and a half ago and it has been my go-to bag ever since. One of my favorite memories from that trip is when The Boyfriend and I got caught in a crazy, never-ending downpour right after we left the Mulberry store and we only had one umbrella. I used it to protect the shopping bag and we both had to walk back to our hotel soaking wet – but with a completely dry bag!

Whats in my bag

This is what I usually carry around in it: my makeup bag, my Secrid card holder, my phone (currently the Sony Xperia V), my planner, my reading glasses, my earphones, a re-usable fabric shopping bag from Ikea, my iPad Mini and my key card
for work. How cute is the iPad Mini sleeve? I don’t always carry the Mini around, but as I am currently fiddling with the design for an app I needed to have an iOS-gadget nearby for reference.

Whats in my makeup bag

For extra added nosy bonus, here’s what I carry around in my makeup bag! They are the usual suspects – lip products, liquid breath mint, hand cream, a mirror, cuticle cream, my favorite pen, a glass nail file and a peach eye liner. I forgot to photograph both my keys and my memory stick (as I was currently using it). The memory stick looks like a blue piece of Lego.

I know what you’re probably thinking right now: “Girl, you’re not fooling anybody. Where are the gum wrappers, the receipts, the bus tickets and the tampons?!” I’ll tell you where: not in my bag. I’m a complete and total neat freak when it comes to my bags, and things that I consider trash will be thrown in the nearest trash can as soon as possible. This honestly is all you can find in my bag, with the exception of my lunch box on those mornings when I don’t have time to eat breakfast at home. As for the tampons I’ll just direct you here

What do you carry around in your bag? Are you as big a neat freak as I am, or does havoc reign supreme in your clutches and totes? I would love it if you made similar blog posts!

20 responses to “What’s in my bag?”

  1. Nomadic D. says:

    Fun! I do love these posts, they satisfy the voyeur in all of us! Your mulberry bag is gorgeous, and I’m sure if I had made that sort of an investment on a bag I would have protected it with my life in a rainstorm as well. Have to ask though, where is your makeup bag from? I think it’s so perfect, elegant, cool, simple but still with some life to it. Love it.


    • Maja says:

      My makeup bag is from the seller Wanlongruihe on eBay! After I bought it I realized that this seller also sells a lot of knock-off designer bags, so I feel very very iffy about having bought a product from them, but what’s done is done and at least this makeup bag isn’t a knock-off (as far as I can tell, anyway – I don’t recognize the design). It is very well-made though, and has a zipped inner compartment as well as two small inner pockets. I love the weaved leather exterior :)

      • Sue says:

        I was wanting to ask about the make up bag too – it’s lovely and looks such a perfect design. I’m in the process of trying to grow up and actually put together a make up bag as I don’t really wear much and want to have a more cohesive collection rather than the set of freebies I’ve obtained from magazines and bonus times.

  2. Nomadic D. says:

    Thanks for the reply! I was secretly hoping it’d be from somewhere where I could easily get my hands on it, I really do love it. But I’ll just have to keep an eye out for something similar. I wouldn’t feel too bad about buying from them, it’s not like you set out to be a counterfeit bag. And it really is just so perfect!


  3. SynLar says:

    My bag is a complete chaos, even if I empty it out and tidy it every night before going to bed. It’s currently full of university papers, pens, lip glosses, gloves, a water bottle, a mini hairbrush and some bixit bars.

    • Maja says:

      Oooh, bars, I knew I had forgotten something! They weren’t in my bag because I ate them all, haha. I nearly always carry a protein bar or two with me, I turn into a beast-woman when my blood sugar is low!

  4. Kali says:

    Thanks for the post, I love these! I like your little pouch to store your earphones! Mine are basically thrown into the bag when I arrive at work, so I may borrow the idea ;)

    I was actually thinking of writing a similar post after I discovered the only article from Cosmopolitan I like is the “sac de filles” one, where they take a picture of a hand bag and its contents around a particular theme.

    My bag is rather small and can be worn over the shoulder so my hands are free. It contains roughly what every bag does, I guess: credit card holder, keys, phone, a notebook and pen, checkbook, coin purse, card holder for my metro ID and bus tickets, pouch with miscellaneous stuff (ie. emergency medication, a knife, tampons, ID pictures…), hand sanitizer, cream and a book.

    I’ll definitely make a post about it when I have time to take quality pictures (ie. when there is daylight in my appartment) if you’re interested!

    • Maja says:

      I’m happy to hear you liked the post, Kali! The little pouch came with the headphones, so I’m afraid I can’t take credit for that one, but it is very practical :)

      I’d love it if you were to make a similar post, there’s something so weirdly fascinating about the contents other people’s handbags!

  5. Sue says:

    Err … my bag is the cavern of doom in which all manner of things come to live and breed and die. I have two boys who give me their dirty tissues and crisp packets and unwanted food stuffs. That is why I have never done a “what’s in my bag” because everyone would recoil in horror. But I’m hoping to change my ways at some point i.e. when I no longer have to carry a kitchen sink of a bag to cater for all eventualities around small people. I hope it’s soon!

    • Maja says:

      Oh yes, the handbag situation must change so much when there are children involved! Suddenly you have to be prepared for all kinds of situations, sudden needs for toys and entertainment, runny noses and hungry bellies. Nobody expects pristine bag-keeping of a mum on the go, that’s for sure :)

  6. jamie-lee says:

    I always like seeing what other people carry around in their purses! I’ve been meaning to do one of these posts for so long just never get around to it. Mine is definitely a lot more minimal, although I have the big items like my iPad in there! :)

  7. JuJu Zitroni says:

    i really like these kind of posts. i want to do one but i don´t have “the one bag”. and also i carry a lot of stuff in the pockets of my jacket. maybe i should do a “whats in my pockets” ^^

    • Maja says:

      I do rotate between a few bags, but I always come back to the Bayswater. It is big and can handle a bit of rain, which is important in my climate! My pockets are really boring – my house keys and poop-bags for the dog ;)

  8. Julianne says:

    I adore ‘what’s in my bag’ posts! I admire your neat organizing system – might have to implement a few of these ideas myself. My bag / backpack is not a disaster area, but I seem to always carry around a vast amount of lose objects that cleverly disguise my keys and bus pass. Not cool.

    • Maja says:

      Thanks Julianne! I’d go crazy if I had items rolling around in my handbag, but that’s mostly because I have the patience of a gnat. I’d end up losing my temper every time I needed something ;)

  9. Lindsay K says:

    That makeup case is gorgeous. Such a perfect buy! I love how organized you are. I can’t stand to have a disorganized purse or gum wrappers receipts lying around- that drives me crazy. Oh and the story about your gorgeous bag is to funny. I would have done the same.

  10. […] realized that it has been 19 months since I last did a “What’s in My Bag” post (here is the January 2013 version). I know I love to read these posts, and I also know I have updated both the bag and the contents […]

  11. Jesss says:

    I love your bags ahhhh! Unfortunately your make up bag has the design of Bottega Veneta which the ebay seller may have sold you a knock off of,

    • Maja says:

      I know, I realized maybe a year after I bought it. Bottega Veneta wasn’t on my fashion radar back then :)

      I still use the makeup bag, but I’m replacing it with something “proper” once I find something I like that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Mulberry.com are having a sale right now and there’s a lovely blue makeup bag that I would love. We’ll see!

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