Rimmel Wake Me Up + Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum


You’ll have to bear with me in regards to the overflow of beauty posts lately. My allergies have been absolutely awful and I haven’t had the brain power to write anything with actual substance. I promise you this won’t turn into a “I bought this and I liked it, lol”-type blog, I just have to get my lung capacity back! All excuses aside though, I did buy something and I did like it.


Battle of the foundations

I had been hearing great things about the Rimmel Wake Me Up and Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundations for a while, and was pretty eager to try them both out as they were supposed to be good for very dry skin. They don’t sell them at all in stores here in Norway, but when I found out that they were both stocked on Asos.com I was all over that shopping cart like white on rice. Color matching online can be near impossible, but since my complexion falls neatly into the “really pale” category I just bought the lightest shades available, which were “True Ivory” for Rimmel and “Vanille Clair” for Bourjois. Then I hoped for the best and waited for my order to arrive.

Before I go further I feel like I have to tell you that I’m a bit of a foundation snob. I have been using Chanel and Kanebo Sensai foundations almost exclusively for a few years now. I was gifted a tube of Sothys foundation this winter, and I really liked it, but none of those three come particularly cheap. I firmly believe that it is worth it to spend money on good everyday skin products, but if these were as good as the blogosphere claimed at about a third (or maybe even a fourth ) of what I usually pay then that’s worth a shot, right?


1. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation (adlink)

As you can probably tell by the photo the shade 103 True Ivory was not all that ivory-esque. Light, sure, but a smidgen too dark and pink-toned for me. It will probably work well once I get some sunlight on my face though, so it wasn’t a bad purchase in that sense, and I know there exists a “100 ivory” that would probably suit me better. The bottle contains 30ml, which is the same amount as my Chanel Vitalumiere, and the foundation is SPF 15. It is supposed to be light to medium coverage, and has a light and fresh scent. I have very sensitive skin and was therefore a bit skeptical to the scent, but I didn’t have any negative reactions to it. It is said to have a dewy finish, and the pump packaging is a big plus. No mess, very hygienic, and air won’t get into the bottle to dry out the product. For me personally I felt that it had a little too much coverage – I would say it is medium – and I also don’t think it looked all that dewy. Keep in mind though that my skin is very dry, so I might have soaked up all the dewiness, who knows. As you can tell I probably won’t buy this again, at least not in this shade. There wasn’t anything wrong about the foundation it itself, it was just too pink toned and had a bit too much coverage for my tastes. I will finish the bottle, but there are better choices for me out there though, such as…


2. Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation (adlink)

YES, now we’re talking! As you can see from the photo, shade 51 Vanille Clair is a proper yellow-based pale-girl shade. This was a perfect, spot-on match to my skin tone. It has a pump packaging and contains 30ml of product just like the Rimmel foundation, but it does not have any SPF. I don’t mind this, as I don’t depend on my foundation for sun protection – that’s what sunscreen is for. According to the packaging it is an “instant blending gel, flawless complexion, undetectable coverage” foundation, and it is supposed to have a light, semi-matte finish. Holy smokes, this thing is perfect for me. I am not kidding you, I like this better than my Chanel Vitalumiere. In fact, I solemnly swear right here and now that I will not buy another bottle of Vitalumiere as long as I can get my hands on this shade of Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. The coverage is light, which is how I prefer it, and the lasting power is neither better nor worse than the other foundations that I wear. It glides onto my skin and blends beautifully. It has a fruity kind of smell, but my skin didn’t have a problem with the scent at all. I’m telling you, this might be a holy grail product for me, and it is about a third of the price of what I usually wear. Score!


So, there you have my 2 cents about these products! I know that this probably won’t be any use at all if you don’t have dry skin, but for you normal/oily/combination girls I can offer this video by Pixiwoo. I am sure it will be able to point you in the direction of some pretty great products.

30 responses to “Rimmel Wake Me Up + Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum”

  1. JuJu Zitroni says:

    i also bought the healthy mix serum in 51 and it still is a bit too dark for me :(
    also i really don’t like the scent.
    i do however like the texture and feel it has.
    i also have dry skin and on my skin it still emphasizes dry patches. not as much as anything else i tried, but still.

    so i’m a bit unsure what to think about it. i had such high hopes.
    i will continue to play around with it, trying to make it work.
    what do you use to apply it? i found my fingers to work best, but maybe that is just because i don’t like the feeling of wet brushes on my face…

    • Maja says:

      Oh no, thats too bad! I swear it is absolutely perfect for me, but then again, every person’s skin needs are different. I’m sure it would cling if I had really dry patches as well, but I tend to not put foundation on those and just focus on treating the dryness instead :)

      I applied it with my Real Techniques buffing brush, which worked fine. I’m going to try the stippling brush next. I would use my fingers, but I am so prone to getting makeup on my clothes before I manage to wash it off my hands ;)

  2. Joy @ OSS says:

    im a devote laura mercier fan! i should really give drugstore brands a try! i also should consider brushes too. thanks for the reviews, they were really helpful.

    • Maja says:

      I have never tried anything by Laura Mercier but I have heard great things about their products! If you want to try out a few brushes then I really recommend Real Techniques. They are very reasonably priced, great quality, and the fact that they are synthetic means that they are a bit easier to clean :)

  3. Nomadic D. says:

    I’m intrigued by the healthy mix now. I’m a total foundation snob and pretty much only use my burberry, and before that it was armani, cause like you I believe that, in some categories at least, you get what you pay for. But now I’m really intrigued. Course I headed over to beautypedia to see what Paula says but… no Bourjois reviews at all?! Crazy. On MUA everyone’s raving though. And now you too… Might have to check it out myself. Thanks for the tip!


    • Maja says:

      That IS crazy, Paula really does have reviews for most things! I’m sure she would wrinkle her nose at the scent though, I don’t see the point with putting scent in foundation. I think we will see a lot more awareness surrounding the dangers of scented products in the coming years.

  4. Kali says:

    Thanks for the review! I don’t read any beauty oriented magazines or blogs at all, so it’s always nice to have an idea of what’s out there :)

  5. Sotengelen says:

    Completely on the sideline – I think I saw you wandering around town this morning. ;)

  6. Maja says:

    Sure! It doesn’t happen too often, and I might be a bit awkward about it, but I think it is fun!

  7. Patricia says:

    If you like light coverage, try laura mercier’s tinted moisturizer. I’ve been a convert since I tried it recently. They recommend it as a first step of color on top of your moisturizer, then followed by your regular foundation. But I use it on its own after moisturizing and it’s perfect. Very natural light coverage.

    • Maja says:

      I have heard wonderful things about Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizers, so I might have to grab on if I’m feeling adventurous in NYC this summer! The only acne I get these days is when The Poodle paws me in the face with her dirty street-filth paws, so I just don’t need that much coverage :)

  8. Marte P. S. says:

    Eg likar desse sminke-postane dine, eg! Det er veldig inspirerande. Kjøpte On and On Bronze etter at du skreiv om den, og har brukt den nesten kvar dag! Så takk for tips :) Og så må eg berre seie at det nye designet på bloggen din er kjempefint!

    • Maja says:

      Så godt å høre Marte! On and On Bronze er virkelig helt super, jeg tar den alltid frem når jeg ikke aner hva jeg skal gjøre med sminken min den dagen. Totalt foolproof :)

  9. […] 17. Yikes, I completely forgot to mention the Rimmel Wake Me up and Bourjois Healthy Mix serum foundations. Read all about them here! […]

  10. Daniella says:

    AWESOME review! This is JUST what I needed! I was wondering which one is right for me, and now I am going to buy healthy mix!
    Thanks so much!!

  11. Sam says:

    I am a Bourjois fan too, Rimmel looks ashy and cakey on me. Heavier coverage and sticks to dry patches. Bourjois is gorgeous light and can never telll I’m wearing foundation, which I personally think how it should be! Lovely healthy glow.

    • Maja says:

      Totally agree Sam. I also feel like I NEED a brush to blend the Rimmel one properly, whereas the Bourjois can be applied with my fingers if I’m feeling lazy. I’m going to stock up on it the next time I order something from Asos :)

  12. Anneire says:

    Great review!
    I had been indecisive in between these Rimmel and Bourjois foundation testing samples so many times finally I purchased Bourjois Serum. I totally agree Rimmel one is quite a full coverage and I don’t like the full coverage finish. BUT Bourjois serum finish is effortless and beautiful as if “my skin but better” I used many Japanese high end foundations in the past and I had been using Bobbi Brown Skin foundation last few years but I am converted to a big fan of Bourjois serum. I havent touched Bobbi since I bought this serum. I initially bought 55 which is a tad dark for me, I then bought 53, then 52, 51….(thanks to Boots 3 for 2 offer) i love them
    so much. I’m still trying the best portion by mixing them.
    I saw new Healthy Mix foundation I wonder if it is newer version of old Healthy Mix with black top bottle? New HM foundation looks very similar to Serum slightly shorter and fatter bottle. Cheers !

    • Maja says:

      Thanks Annerire! Glad to hear there are more healthy mix serum fans out there! There is a sale on them on Asos right now, I just stocked up for winter :) I did get to use the Rimmel when I was on vacation, as I tanned a tiny bit, but once I got back home it was too dark again. You are so lucky to have a well-stocked Boots where you live, you can’t get Bourjois in my city at all. Thank goodness for Asos!

  13. J. says:

    I just discovered the Healthy Mix one recently myself, and I would have to agree: it’s definitely one of the best foundations I’ve tried in a really, really long time!

  14. Chuck says:

    I own (and enjoy) the Bourjois one and had been thinking of trying the Healthy Mix based on some positive internet reviews but I don’t think I’ll bother now!

  15. Diana says:

    I have been DRYING to buy The Rimmel WMU foundation and I too have to buy it online and been trying to match a shade and i’m so scared to pick the wrong shad since its gonna be quite expensive with the shipping and all …
    I wear the shade light beige in Bourjois

    • Maja says:

      Hi Diana, have you tried findation.com? It is a website that will color match you in almost any brand, but I’m not sure whether they do Rimmel or not – try it! :)

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