Photos from my holiday in New York City

Hello again! I am back home from my holiday, and after almost a week of unpacking and jet lag I have finally managed to sit down and look through my photos from New York City. We had a wonderful time. We flew across the Atlantic on the 19th of July, and arrived in NY around midnight local time after forcing ourselves to stay awake during the entire flight. It took a good handful of episodes of Fringe to get us through it, and we were dead tired when we finally crashed into our hotel bed, but it was so worth it. We stayed at the Distrikt Hotel during our entire stay and absolutely loved it there. The room was nice, and the staff made us feel incredibly welcome. If you are planning a trip yourself then I would gladly recommend a stay there.

This was the view from our room. I felt like a creeper looking down into the apartments below us, but hey, when you live in a swanky-looking location like that you’re bound to attract some curiosity! NYC-apartments

No walk around the city is complete without some Frappuccino-induced photobombing… God, Frappuccinos. They fueled my entire holiday. There is no Starbucks in Bergen yet, but when the day comes I better be able to control myself. The weather was very nice and warm during our entire stay, so we needed plenty of cold drinks to get through the day, and many times we would spend mid-day watching trashy reality shows in our hotel room just to cool down.

There might also have been napping involved. Shh.NYC-buildings


We loved Bryant Park. Apparently they have movie screenings there once a week, which we of course forgot completely when the day arrived. It looks like a great place for watching a movie though, don’t you think?


A few days were spent just walking around Central Park, grabbing some food and reading books on benches or on top of my scarf-come-picnic blanket. It was nice to spend some quiet time in the sunshine with grass between our toes. I finished World War Z while I was there, and spent the whole following night dreaming of the zombie apocalypse.


We ended up having quite a few picnics in the park. What can I say, we needed to get some veggies wedged in between all the burgers we ate! The Boyfriend had made a list over all the burger places he wanted to check out, and I can honestly say that I have never eaten so many delicious burgers in such a short period of time, ever. The Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien won first prize in my book.





This is me with a slight tan, folks. Sure, I wore SPF 30 all day, but you’d think I’d get a little bit more of a tan after nearly a week out in the sun? Nope, not me. Not happening.


We didn’t make time to visit many museums as we would have liked, but we did manage to spend an afternoon at the Museum of Natural History. As someone who had David Attenborough as her very first childhood hero I can honestly say that I had a really great time, and the exhibitions were absolutely huge. I am still amazed that we managed to get through all of them.


… Although this particular exhibition started a rather crude game of “which of these have I eaten/hangs on the wall at my parents’ place”. Ah, the joys of growing up around hunters and taxidermy.


The main attraction was of course the dinosaurs. I used to love dinosaurs, and wanted to become paleontologist when I grew up. It was too bad the dinosaur exhibit was at the fourth and topmost floor, because after walking through the three floors below we were way too tired and hungry to appreciate the dinos as much as they deserved. I think Marius gave up on me when I muttered “I thought they would be bigger”. That’s when you know it is time to just get out and find me a snack.


But hey, you know which place got my full range of enthusiasm and then some? F.A.O. Schwarz on the upper east side. As a child-free adult I had a little too much fun in there, but thankfully The Boyfriend will be getting his very first nephew this winter and thus we had an actual excuse to be there. It might not excuse the tiara, but come on – you don’t need a reason to wear a tiara.


You know what else I enjoyed? Sephora. There is no Sephora in Norway, and once I found one I bought my entire wish list in one go. The loot from that little spree will get a post of its own, so instead I give you a photo of a face mask that I received as a sample. It is the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask (adlink), and I have regretted the fact that I didn’t buy it ever since I came back home. My skin felt amazing after using it, and I will definitely try to get my hands on it later this fall.


On our last full day in NYC we decided to visit the Statue of Liberty. It was a gray and cloudy day, but still nice and warm, and it felt nice to be on a boat for a change.


It started raining once we arrived at Liberty Island, but we didn’t care – we bought ice cream, went on a walk around the island, and took plenty of tourist-y photos.

NYC_boat2Statue-of-LibertyAnd that is the short version of our trip! There are so many things I wish we had the time to see, but the ten days we had went by oh so quickly. I really regret not bringing my DSLR with me, because for some reason I take ten times as many photos with that one as opposed to my little point-and-shoot. It is heavier, but it is so much more fun to use. No worries though – we are definitely visiting New York City again. We had such a great time, and thoroughly enjoyed every second of our trip. I have already made a wish for another trip for my 30th.


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  1. Yay! Jeg håber, jeg ikke lyder for stalker-agtig, når jeg afslører, at jeg har kigget i min Bloglovin flere gange i dag i håb om, at dette indlæg ville dukke op. :)

  2. I actually have a sample of that facial mask lying around here somewhere, so I guess it’s time for me to actually use it!

    It looks like you had a great time, and it’s nice that you took the time to relax in Central Park and in your room. My own NYC trip was complete stress from beginning to end, what with the book expo and pole classes and trying to see as much as possible. Can’t wait to see all your Sephora purchases!

    • We tried to avoid any kind of stress the best we could, really. We bought subway passes and zoomed around to wherever looked exciting :) And we did a LOT of shopping, but I am sure it would be very boring to see photos from the inside of Macy’s and Bloomingdales, so it might not look like it from the photos!

      I think I might have to split my purchases into two posts – one for non-cosmetics and one for cosmetics..

  3. espen says:

    Yay! Elsker byen, og det ser ut som dere har hatt en så kjempefin tur! Hvor går neste store ferie til da? -til trettiårsdagen din mener jeg. :) Hotellet ser litt posh ut, var det veldig dyrt?

    • Jeg tror vi satser på London neste gang, siden jeg er av de få i hele verden (tilsynelatende) som aldri har vært der. Men om vi hadde fått til NY til 30-årsdagen om 2 år hadde jeg blitt en veldig happy camper!

      Hotellet var på et litt dyrere prisnivå ja, men siden vi ikke var på ferie i fjor hadde vi satt av en del ekstra til turen i år. Dessuten er vi jo to stuegriser både Marius og jeg, og vi liker å bo komfortabelt :)

  4. Oh Maja, what a treat! I had been patiently waiting to see some of your snaps, and it brings up feelings of nostalgia for me as I remember my own trip there. Looks like you had the most incredibly time, you lucky lucky girl xx

    • I really did, and I really need to go back one day! There is still SO much that I didn’t get to see, and I loved both the city and the general attitude of the people we met. Our last trip abroad was Paris, and although both cities were phenomenal there is no doubt in my mind as to which one had the overall friendlier inhabitants :) Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adored Paris, but sadly there were a few moments where my failing grasp on the language made me feel a tad unwelcome..

  5. Yeay! Welcome home! So glad to hear you had such a great time in nyc! And it’s nice too that you managed to make time for lounging in parks and reading and even watching reality tv. Too often I think people feel obliged to tourist til they drop and it sucks the fun right out of a trip. My favorite nyc burger is from the Shake Shack, did you hit that one? Loved seeing Bryant park in your photos as well, it’s one of my favorite spots too. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip (or at least, what you got at Sephora, ha!)

    • Thanks Defne! We really did make a conscious decision to not try to see everything. Neither of us are fond of long queues, and we felt no pressing urge to see the top of the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty. I do regret not getting to see The High Line though – we were supposed to go there before leaving for the airport on the last day, but some trouble with the airline meant we had to leave early and miss it. Boo!

      We didn’t visit the Shake Shack, but I think it was on the list! It was probably one of the ones we skipped because of burger fatigue ;)

      The Sephora post will be up sometime this week! I want to try to test most of the products before I write it, so that I can have an opinion on whether or not they are any good :)

      • Really sounds like you guys has an amazing time! Burger fatigue, that’s hilarious! I understand though, when I go I hit the Shake Shack way too many times. You’ll have to go next time, but make sure you go to the one in the park. Yum. I’m salivating just thinking about it!

  6. Oh you look like you had such an amazing trip and the best bit was that you had a whole ten days so it wasn’t rushed and had time to explore and chill and … nap. I went for Valentines probably 9-10 years ago and it was soooo cold I had to wear two coats and wore a trapper hat and looked like a womble. I remember doing the Statue of Liberty too and we met the biggest warden on Planet Earth there. He must have been 8ft tall – I wonder if he’s still there?

    Hey – you’re wearing shorts! I thought you didn’t do shorts?

    • Hahaha, I was waiting for someone to notice the shorts! I was too hot, hands down. I dug out the shorts on the second day. Plus everyone else was wearing shorts, so I stopped caring ;)

      I just had to google the word “womble”! They are adorable!

    • Æææ, jeg glemte helt å svare på denne kommentaren, beklager! Det skjønner jeg godt, jeg vil veldig gjerne tilbake dit. Ikke at jeg ikke syntes 10 dager var nok, for det var det så lenge vi ikke hadde masse aktiviteter og ting planlagt, men fy for en kul by!

  7. Abby says:

    I’m so glad you had a good trip! I also flew to NYC on the 19th :) But I was just there one night and then went to Canada.

    Central Park looks so green this year (based on your photos), it’s unbelievable. I was just in Brooklyn for a night while I was there, but my friend was showing me a block that used to have almost no plants and was nearly overgrown this year due to all the heat and rain.

    Sephora really is amazing, isn’t it?

    I love the Museum of Natural History, and am laughing about your dinosaur comment. Isn’t that burger place at the Meridien so funny the way it’s hidden behind that curtain? I was so excited about it the first time I went, it felt like something out of a novel.

    • I am so sorry Abby, I completely forgot to reply to your comment! I hope you had a good time in Canada :)

      The burger place at the Meridien was indeed very special, and the queue was so long one really should eat something BEFORE getting in line. You can’t go there and already be starving, that’s for sure ;)

  8. Drifterqueen says:

    You’re back! :D NYC looks fantastic. Y’know, this must be the first blogpost I’ve seen here that combines dinosaurs and pink tiaras. (Is it weird that I get more excited about those two things more than anything else? I am unrepentant. This combo needs to happen more often! ;)

    Stressfree vacations are the best. So glad that you had a great time!

    PS: Um, question. I’m assuming that the guy with the ropes in Central Park is a street performer. Was he…making gigantic bubbles? :D (please say he was!)

    • The guy was indeed making gigantic bubbles! I wanted to take more photos but I felt like the biggest creep photographing other people’s children :P

      I am with you on the tiara/dinosaur combo 100%. There is no reason why those two things should be kept separate! ;)

  9. Julianne says:

    Looks like you had such a nice trip! :) The photos are lovely, and the tiara photo is so cute! You’re absolutely right – one needs no reason to wear tiaras. It’s an essential staple, in my opinion.

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