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The non-intrusive iPhone

... Or "How to take control of your iPhone". Have you ever caught yourself checking your phone for the umpteenth time while thinking "this ain't right"? I know I have! The damn thing kept beeping, vibrating and flashing its screen at me, and like some pavlovian response I kept picking it up and ...


D.I.Y: How to Sew Elbow Patches on a Sweater

The other day I discovered that I had worn holes in the elbows of one of my favorite sweaters. I briefly considered just sewing the hole shut with needle and thread, but I knew from experience that I wouldn't be able to make it look very pretty. So what to do? I wasn't ready to discard my sweater ...


The Mulberry Bayswater: 3 1/2 Years Later

The Bayswater is one of Mulberry's most iconic bags. According to Mulberry it "is a timeless and classic style that celebrates the very best of understated and exquisite leather craft. It proudly features the signature postman’s lock closure, and has a soft, brushed interior, showcasing the ...


My top 10 buys of 2014

I'm totally late to the party when it comes to 2014 roundups, but bear with me okay? I've had this post in my drafts since November and I refuse to let go of it! Since we're all about the reflection and the conscious consumption I thought I would do a roundup of the top 10 most useful things I bought in ...


Shopping Fast: Month 5

Things I wanted to buy, but didn’t:  My favorite pair of jeans ripped so I have been dying to replace them, and I shrunk the black merino wool sweater that I bought back in November. Conclusion: I am having the worst clothing karma these days. Now to be fair, the sweater was bought oversized so it ...


The Van der Spek planner

Warning! Stationary nerd post! In my October shopping fast post I mentioned that I had bought a new planner as a birthday present for myself, and here it is: a custom made leather planner from Van der Spek, a Dutch family company that makes and sells both ready-made and custom hand made leather ...


How to Refill the Smallest Bottle of Bioderma

Today's post is a quick tip that was a proper "aha" moment for me. A while ago I bought the smallest bottle of Bioderma, thinking that the small size would make it perfect for travel. And it is, because the 100 ml bottle is exactly what you need when you're short on space, but the drawback is that it ...