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How to Refill the Smallest Bottle of Bioderma

Today's post is a quick tip that was a proper "aha" moment for me. A while ago I bought the smallest bottle of Bioderma, thinking that the small size would make it perfect for travel. And it is, because the 100 ml bottle is exactly what you need when you're short on space, but the drawback is that it ...


Shopping Fast: Month 4

Things I wanted to buy, but didn’t: You know what? I was supposed to get my hair done (cut and color) but ditched it. I'm having the best hair of my life at the moment so I didn't feel the need for it. #Hairflip.   Added to the wish list: Nothing. Christmas is barely over!   What I did end ...


2015 New Year’s Resolutions

It's New Year's resolutions time again. Some of you might love them and some of you probably loathe them, but either way they are unavoidable if you drop by the blogosphere this time of year. Personally I quite like them, but then again I'm a list junkie and a goal nut. I keep my list of resolutions ...


Guest Post: Kanutten’s Travel Routine

Hi guys! Maja told me how much you liked my last guest post, so here I am again. Long time no see! I've been totes busy eating, sleeping and chasing my squeaky frog toy around, but today I'm taking time out of my busy schedule to drop some knowledge on you. The holidays are upon us and many of you are ...


My Z-palette

In My Holy Grail Makeup Products I asked you if any of you wanted a closer look at my Z-palette, and as a few of you told me you did: here it is. I bought the palette itself on a whim from awesome makeup store Visage in Oslo the last time I was there, but I had been oohing and aahing over whether or ...


Santa Baby (or The Wildly Unrealistic Wish List)

A few weeks ago, when I asked for post idea suggestions on Instagram, my sister suggested that I should make an "if I were a filthy rich person" wish list. I liked the idea as I usually don't spend much time on sites like net-a-porter and the like at all, so I thought I could give it a go. So, in the ...


The TMI Tag

I have been a very busy worker bee this week, so today you're getting a tag post that I saved as a rainy day backup ages ago: The TMI tag! I stole this from Kali and now you can steal it from me.   1. What are you wearing? - A leather skirt, a maroon wool/silk blend tank top, and a ...