Packing for New York

As you might have gathered from my previous posts I am starting to get quite excited for my upcoming trip to New York City. There are still a few weeks to go before I leave, but this does not stop me from planning my suitcase down to the very last detail. Some of you mentioned that you wanted more packing posts – well, here’s a big one for you, I hope you like it!


Travel - clothes


According to weather.com the temperature will be around 20-30 degrees Celsius in July, so I will of course have to dress accordingly. As I mentioned in How I Shop For Clothes I don’t feel comfortable wearing shorts in large cities. I can’t help it, I’m absolutely terrified of looking like a tourist! As a consequence I will be relying heavily on light skirts and my cropped boyfriend jeans. I will need the jacket and cardigan to wear while traveling, and will bring both a casual small day bag and my slightly dressier Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. If any of you have been on similar trips, please tell me if I am making a huge mistake when only bringing smaller bags. I don’t want to lug around a bunch of things all day, but it would be silly to not have space for essentials! The shoe situation will be a pair of converse and my Sam Edelman sandals. I might sneak a pair of shorts with me as well just in case, and a pair of thick socks to wear on the plane. I will probably also need to bring more tops than then ones pictured. One for each day should be ideal, don’t you think?


Travel - the makeup edit


But hey, why stop there? There’s plenty more to pack! This is what I plan to bring with me in my makeup bag. It might look like a lot, but I don’t think there are too many products in there. Trust me, I could do a lot worse! Along with my essential tools and brushes I will bring foundation, concealer, two kohl pencils, mascara, a blush (or two), a highlighter, a powder eyeshadow quad, a cream eyeshadow, powder, and a few lip products. Yes, that is my version of minimal makeup. Mock me all you want. Who am I kidding though, I am planning to do the mother of all makeup hauls during this trip. A final binge before going cold turkey, if you will. I’ve got my eyes on you, Sephora. You can run but you can’t hide.


Travel - The other stuff


Finally, we can’t forget the non-stylish essentials. Gadgets, jammies, hair products, cleansers, creams and vitamins. I forgot to add my Clarisonic, but that is coming with me too, as my skin gets pretty grumpy when I don’t use it. The little letters in the corner were meant to symbolize my ESTA documents, as I am currently having nightmares about TSA sending me back home on the first flight back home because I spelled “Norway” wrong or something ridiculous. I don’t plan to bring my DSLR with me, both because it is heavy and because I might invest in a new one in the states. My point and shoot is very good anyway, it fits in any small bag, and it can even shoot in raw! I’m bringing my sleep mask and ear plugs for the plane, and I plan to download World War Z to my Kindle for reading in the air. If it comes with Kali’s warm recommendations then I am sure I will like it.

And that was it! Please shout out if I forgot something essential. That goes double for you New Yorkers reading this, you know your summers best after all :)


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  1. espen says:

    Hehe, jeg var i NY en måned, men innser – pga kjønnsforskjeller – at jeg ikke kan gi deg noen pakkeråd. Men har du ikke litt dårlige sko, for lange gåturer? Hvis du er uenig med meg og det skulle vise seg at du tar feil, er uansett sko billigere der borte.

    Vet du, jeg hadde helt glemt det, men jeg hadde faktisk en blogg fra New York-turen. Jeg har sikkert noen hete tips om jeg får summet meg litt, men mye av opplevelsen er jo å oppdage de selv. Men én varm anbefalning: kaféen i Orchard Street 88 på Lower East Side er utrolig koselig. http://nymag.com/listings/restaurant/88-orchard/
    Også, også, Marc by Marc Jacobs butikken i 403 Bleecker Street er ganske fin (det er MYE billigere der borte).

    Gaah… Så. Misunnelig. Hvor lenge blir dere der?

    • Maja says:

      Du har nok rett angående sko. Jeg hadde på meg converse stort sett hele tiden i Paris, og selv om det gikk fint så kunne det nok lett blitt MYE mer komfortabelt med andre sko. Noteres bak øret!

      Tusen takk for kafétips! Det er Marius som er spisested-koordinatoren (mat er virkelig hans greie), så spisetips settes veldig høyt pris på ;)

      Jeg gleder meg vilt til å titte i butikker der borte. Nå gikk jo dollaren nettopp opp, men vi skal nok få med oss diverse smått likevel! Vi blir der i ti dager, så vi får bra med tid til å få med oss det vi har lyst til å se :)

  2. K says:

    These posts are awesome! Have you thought about what to wear when you are going out for dinner? I was thinking a few extra tops might be nice for that?

    • Maja says:

      You are right, I do need to bring more tops. I am one of those people who tend to rely more on my accessories and makeup when going out, but a dressier top or two couldn’t hurt!

  3. Kali says:

    Aha here is the reason for all these Polyvore collections of late! I think that’s a great plan, although I would take at least one more top than just one each day, just in case you have to change in the middle of the day (unexpectd stain…) or if you’d like to change for a night out. You can still buy tops in NY though.

    ESTA shouldn’t be a problem, once you are confirmed on their website they don’t even ask for it at the customs, it’s automatic when they scan your passport. You’ll see they take all of your fingerprints plus a picture of you, just in case you’d like to kill someone there.

    And let me know how you like World War Z! I loved it so much I’d like to erase my memory and read it again (does it sound weird?)

    • Maja says:

      Yeah, I realized that after reading your L.A post actually. I definitely need to bring more tops. I actually went out and bought a few more earlier this week, just to be on the safe side. I could always buy them in New York, but I would like to minimize the amount of “have-to’s” over there, you know? Better to get it all settled before we leave :)

      Speaking of luggage, I just found out that there are a max size for checked luggage. I had no idea, and broke out in a proper sweat when someone told me, as my suitcase is absolutely massive! I can fit inside it! Luckily was is just within the limits. Imagine if I’d have to buy a new suitcase as well, that would be pretty awful :P

  4. Nora says:

    Du har så fine klær, jeg er misunnelig:)

    Jeg var i New York i 2011 så her er mine to tips: Noen bedre gåsko. Man går mye og langt.. og converse er bare..au, selv om jeg elsker mine til hverdags:P Kan gjerne kjøpes første dag der siden sko er mye billigere enn hjemme (Jeg liker sorte skinnsko fra Ecco men jeg er ikke så superfashionista da)

    Ha med rundt en liten cardigan eller sjal eller noe…det er ISKALDT inne på mange spisesteder/butikker/museer pga aircondition..selv når det er 30 grader ute. Jeg frøs ofte når vi spiste lunsj og liknende, og måtte kjøpe cardigan iløpet av dagen husker jeg…

    God tur:)

    • Maja says:

      Det er to stemmer for bedre gåsko, så da får jeg vel ta tipset til meg ;) Jeg hadde et par svarte Kawasaki joggesko for en stund tilbake som var superkomfortable, jeg får se etter at par slike om igjen tror jeg. De matcher jo greit til mye forskjellig :)

      Sjal eller cardigan har jeg faktisk notert, jeg bare glemte å nevne det! Det er helt genialt å ha på flyturene også, i og med at de kan være både pute og teppe. Jeg er generelt en stor fan av sjal!

      Og tusen takk, jeg gleder meg som en unge!

  5. jamie-lee says:

    I like that you’ve actually gone and detailed all the extras that you are taking with you. I wouldn’t worry about looking like a tourist in shorts. Denim shorts worn with a loose button down look chic and I think it’s not unusual for those living there to dress like that? Looks like you have the whole shorts-less situation covered though. Hope you have a great time, so envious!

    • Maja says:

      Yeah, I was actually thinking of bringing a light white button-down shirt. Knowing me I will probably achieve lobster levels of sunburn, and will need to cover up at some point ;)

  6. Nina says:

    Here’s my somewhat gross NYC tip for you: expect to sweat more than normal! The combination of heat, humidity and zero fresh air is a killer. So just know that you might want new outfits for going out at night rather than wearing the same thing all day.

    Also, Le Petit Cafe on Spring Street is a great place to grab lunch if you’re in that area. Good food for cheaper than most NYC restaurants, and such a nice relaxed atmosphere:)

    • Maja says:

      Hahaha, gross tips are much appreciated Nina! Nobody wants to walk around being stinky and sweaty after all! And a big thanks for the café tip, I will pass it on to Marius the food-coordinator! He’s the foodie, I’m the one who will eat just about anything to keep from getting the hungry grumpies ;)

  7. Sue says:

    City breaks are so much more difficult to pack for than a regular beach type holiday where shorts are pretty much de rigeur. I think I would cover off daytime sweatiness with a couple of light dresses instead as I am not a big skirt wearer. And for evening, And although H&M is not one of your regular haunts, they do a mean little jersey dress http://www.hm.com/gb/product/10288?article=10288-A which is good for daytime teamed with sandals, doubles as another skirt under your stripy top for comfy wear and looks great with a few accessories for evening to bling it up.

    But yeah – sweat – is a killer. Can’t do sweating.

    • Maja says:

      It seems both H&M and Zara have been taking steps towards improving conditions in their factories by signing a quite historical agreement, so I feel a bit better about shopping there now. I actually went to H&M and stocked up on tees last week, and I will keep an eye out for that dress :) I do love skirts though, I love separates!

  8. Abby says:

    As others have said, NYC can get pretty gross in the summer – heat, dirt, humidity. I would plan to be a lot hotter and sweatier than you can currently imagine given where you live :)

    What about some lighter colours? I dress in mostly black/grey/white, but once those temperatures start to climb I find myself reaching for lighter colours because they make the heat more bearable.

    I also find it impossible to accessorize when it is so hot out – I can barely even stand to wear a necklace. Maybe it won’t be that hot when you are there, but it is something to consider.

    Also, bring some extremely comfortable shoes. You will be walking more than you thought possible. When I lived there, I’d ask visitors how they were liking their trip and invariably the first thing they would say would be “so much walking!”

    I hope you have a great trip, NYC is really one of the best.

    p.s. this might be my first comment here. Hi and I really like your blog!

    • Maja says:

      Hi there Abby, and welcome to the comments! Thank you so much for your tips, this was really helpful. It rarely gets above 25 degrees Celsius where I live, so I am not used to the combination of heat and humidity at all. Whenever I travel to warmer climates I usually spend the first day laying on my bed and complaining about the heat!

      Since a lot of people pointed out my shoe situation I am actually going shoe shopping after work today, haha. I hope I will be able to find a comfortable pair that I can wear with light skirts without looking strange – I owned a pair of Kawasaki sneakers a few years ago that were probably the most comfortable non-running shoes I have ever owned, so I think I will be looking for a light-colored version of those, or some kind of obscenely comfortable sandal :)

      Also, good point about the accessories. I get sunburned like crazy, so it would probably be best to avoid necklace-shaped tan lines! Ear studs and rings will be plenty.

      Aaaah I can’t wait!

  9. lin says:

    I second the recommendation to bring World War Z with you, although it might make you a tad paranoid – I started sussing out every room I entered for potential weapons* for a week after I finished the book. Also, it can be polished off pretty quickly so best to prep extra reading material!

    (In case you’re wondering, my eyes always land on a golf umbrella, or better, one of those fire axes for breaking windows.)

    I’m headed to Turkey next month and my main rule is bring enough changes of clothing – travelling in summer is so warm and I can only handle so much stinky clothing.

    Do take lots of pictures and I hope to see a nice long post when you’re back! I’ve never been to NYC and I love reading about the place and squirrelling away information for future use.

    • Maja says:

      Hahahaha! If Shaun of the Dead taught me anything it is that shovels make excellent zombie execution devices. Nice long handles, too! I actually had a good Amazon browsing session yesterday and downloaded a bunch of books – I seem to have owned a Kindle for two years without realizing Amazon had a “free” section. I also got me some Murakami and some proper light summer reading, plus Stephen King’s “On Writing”. I’m all set! :)

      Ooh, Turkey! How exciting! To where in Turkey will you travel? And you are absolutely right, I apparently need to bring more clothes. I went and stocked up on even more tops last week, and I will throw in a few more skirts and shorts. Packing for warm weather is hard!

      I will take tons of pictures, absolutely! That’s the good thing about ridiculous data prices abroad I guess, I will be forced to use a proper camera and not just whip out Instagram at every chance ;)

  10. miss sophie says:

    super excited that you’re coming to my town!! :D

    as others have commented, definitely pack for hotter and sweatier weather – really you only need one super light cardigan or better yet, a light summery scarf as an extra layer. otherwise i’d make sure to leave some room for your inevitable shopping temptations once you’re here in the land of Soho ;)

    • Maja says:

      Definitely, the jacket is only for the flights. Planes tend to get freezing cold whenever I’m on them :)

      Oh and trust me, I am so leaving room for shopping. The Boyfriend is a ridiculously light packer, so I would estimate that half his suitcase will be at my disposal ;)

  11. Jen says:

    A small cross-body bag (with a secure closure) is definitely the best thing to take.

    Also, a tank dress that you can layer different tops on is a good option. I took a T by Alexander Wang one last year that was really versatile.

    And I heartily encourage you to get super-comfortable shoes. Usually the chunky-but-less-cute ones like the Birkenstock Gizeh, Camper, or these Naya ones are what I’d recommend:


    • Maja says:

      I love tank dresses, but I have yet to find one that looks good on me I’m afraid. It think it is my lack of boobs combined with a non-lack of hips :)

      I actually landed on a pair of Jeffrey Campbell “Pike” sandals: http://www.solestruck.com/jeffrey-campbell-pike-black-lizard/index.html and I think we will get on well! I will definitely keep the Birkenstocks in mind though, it is good to know what to look for if I find myself with beat-up feet on day 2! Thanks a lot of the great tips :)

  12. SynLar says:

    Godt innlegg. Jeg kommer meg nok aldri til New York selv (eller kanskje en vakker dag, krysser fingrene), men dette kan vært kjekt å kikke på før andre mindre turer også. Jeg tror jeg ville pakket lette joggesko, det blir alltid mye gåing i en storby og det er kjipt å lengte etter å få sette seg ned fordi fotsålene “brenner”.

    • Maja says:

      Aldri si aldri, Synne! :)

      Jeg var faktisk på joggeskojakt, men siden jeg ikke fant de jeg ville ha gikk jeg for et par veldig komfortable sandaler i stedet. Det kommer jo til å bli veldig varmt, så jeg tror det kommer til å funke vel så bra. Og skulle det gå helt skeis har jeg fått masse bra tips her i kommentarfeltet, så dette tror jeg skal gå helt strålende!

  13. […] Nå er det fire-fem timer til jeg skal dra. Jeg må pakke, kopiere opp papirer til byråkratiet og sende dem avgårde, vaske opp, rydde og drikke kaffe. Jeg jobber med andre ord best under press. Jeg har aldri vært typen til å lage pakkelister og legge fram klær i god tid i forveien. No no. Noen ganger kan stress være en god venn og! Derfor blir jeg så fascinert av pakkeferdighetene og planleggingen som ligger bak Majas tur til New York! […]

  14. Caroline says:

    Ah. New York, min favorittby! Gled deg!

  15. Eli Sofie says:

    Jeg stemmer også for bedre sko… Når jeg var i NY i fjor endte jeg opp med å gå med joggesko hver dag på slutten! Var helt ødelagt etter noen dager med the usuals… Men fordelen er jo at gode og fine joggesko er veeeeldig mye billigere der enn her ;)

    • Maja says:

      Hahaha, dammit, jeg har tydeligvis en lang vei å gå når det gjelder fottøy – no pun intended! Men det er jo sant som du sier, om det blir helt krise finner jeg garantert noe der borte. Ikkeno’ stress! :)

  16. Julianne says:

    Looks like you’re well prepared! I’m jealous… ;)Have a wonderful trip you two! You should try the lasagne at Lunella Restaurante in Little Italy (Mulberry St), it’s to die for…

  17. mpw says:

    I live in NYC, and it will definitely be much warmer than 20 degrees! In fact, it will probably be well above 30 some days! It gets very hot and almost unbearably humid. (There’s a reason most New Yorkers flee the city in the summer!)

    A lightweight scarf would be handy to keep in your purse because a lot of places, like subway cars, can be overly air conditioned, but you definitely won’t want to wear any of those jackets, jeans, or long-sleeved t-shirts, trust me! I would pack some sleeveless shirts (a couple of extra would be good since you will get pretty sweaty walking around during the day). Also, a packable sunhat would be useful if you have one.

    • Maja says:

      Thanks a lot for the advice mpw, this was very helpful! I don’t have a sunhat, so I will keep my eyes open for one. I realize more and more how completely useless I am at preparing for warmer climates, it is pretty ridiculous. Right now we have 13 degrees and rain here in Bergen, and the other day it was so cold and windy that I wore my faux fur leopard coat while walking the dog. The poor tourists all look miserable in their parkas and rain boots ;)

      • mpw says:

        You’re welcome! I hope you have a great time!

        I actually went to Bergen in July a couple of years ago and found it refreshingly cool and completely charming!

        My last packing suggestion is to leave some room in your suitcase for new clothes! Nolita, the Lower East Side, Williamsburg, and Cobble Hill are full of lovely little boutiques. The Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg on Sundays is also fun.

        I’m sure everyone’s told you to go to the High Line, but it’s definitely worth a visit!

        • Maja says:

          I would LOVE to visit the high line, it looks so cool. Almost a bit post-apocalyptic, in a way!

          Bergen really does have a ton of charm, but it does get a bit wet in the long run. Annual precipitation measures 89″ on average. You can’t live here without a sturdy pair of rain boots ;)

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  19. Lindsay K says:

    I’m so excited that you’re coming to my city. I really hope you enjoy it- it’s unlike any other.

    We had a really cool and incredibly rainy spring. I was still wearing tights and a trench in late May. June was rainy too but it has gotten hot and incredibly humid. This is why we’re all constantly running to leave the city for the Hamptons or Fire Island in the summer. The nice thing about visiting in the summer is that locals head out of town, so difficult reservations can be obtainable.

    I would recommend a good walking shoe because you walk everywhere in this city. It doesn’t have to be something unattractive or a sneaker, but a good sturdy flat. Even if you are taking the subway- some of the stations can have a fair amount of walking.

    I always tell friends to take a small cross body bag. It comes in handy for squeezing yourself into packed subways. I work in a really congested area and always bring my Chanel WOC when i brave the outdoors for a tea or to run errands. I would also suggest a reusable bag that folds up compactly. There’s a cute French Market that’s open two days a week not far from your hotel as well as so much fresh produce, farmers markets etc.

    You will not need the heavier jackets, but I would pack a lightweight scarf and two sweaters (maybe one in a lighter neutral color) and one dark. I would also suggest more tops that can transition to dinner. I don’t sweat much, but after a day outdoors you just want to change. Visitors are always surprised at how New Yorkers really turn it up for dinner and going out.

    Right on with your noise canceling headphones. The gentleman bought me a pair of Bose noise canceling headphones that have changed my life.

    • Maja says:

      I have heard great things about Bose, The Boyfriend is a Bose convert. I’ve turned into a bit of a Sennheiser girl myself, my last two pairs have been from them :)

      I really can’t wait to visit NYC, it isn’t too long ’till we leave now. Thank you for the tip about the markets, we love snooping around farmer’s markets. I will bring a canvas tote especially for outings like that. I’ve also got the small cross body bag covered, and Miss Sophie advised me to bring a medium satchel as well :)

      Making a note of the getting dressed up part! I often show up overdressed to things so that won’t be a problem, haha. I can’t help it, I’m a big homebody so I like to really to make an effort when I do go out.

      You always leave such long and thoughtful comments Lindsay, you’re too sweet!

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