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My make-believe minimalist makeup collection

After my last blog post I got a question on Instagram from @mycatssaymeow, who asked me which makeup products I would pick if I had to narrow my collection down to 15 items. This was surprisingly easy to answer, but I suppose most of us have those staple products that we reach for day in and day out, right?

My 15 must-haves

  1.  Biotherm Aquasource BB Cream. Very light coverage, very moisturizing, and works very well on my dry and sensitive skin.
  2. Milani Luminoso blush. A luminous peach-colored blush, my absolute favorite.
  3. MAC “Coquette” eyeshadow for my eyebrows.
  4. Guerlain Météorites pressed powder in “Clair”. This is my setting powder. It is very pearly, so it won’t work for everyone, but on me it gives a nice glow.
  5. Maybelline Age Rewind concealer. The sponge tip is kind of gross, but the concealer is nice enough for me to look past it.
  6. Makeup Mekka mascara. This is a Norwegian brand. Their mascara is super cheap and really nice, and it is water resistant so it never smudges on me. I have been using this for years now.
  7. Anastasia clear brow gel. Because I don’t like having my brows flopping around in the wind.
  8. MAC lipstick in either “Peach Blossom” or “Syrup”. I picked Peach Blossom for the photo, but I honestly couldn’t choose a favorite if I tried.
  9. MAC “Woodwinked” eyeshadow, for when I want some brown smokeyness.
  10. Milani “Bella Champagne” eyeshadow for when I want something more natural but shimmery. To be honest though, I would probably look for something similar from MAC or Makeup Geek, just so I could keep both my shadows in a duo palette. I might be overthinking this.
  11. Kat Von D tattoo liner, because it is my favorite liquid liner of all time and lets me create the sharpest of cat-eyes.
  12. H&M Bronzer. I bought this on sale ages ago and I honestly really like it. I only wear bronzers in the summer, but this could also double as a matte brown eyeshadow.
  13. Peach-colored kohl liner. I don’t have a favorite brand for liners anymore, but the one I currently have from Smashbox is a self-sharpening twist-up, which is kind of nice.
  14. Brown kohl liner. Again, I’m not fussy on the brand. My current one is Urban Decay.
  15. The Balm “Mary-Lou Manizer” highlighter. I wear highlighter pretty much every day, and this is my all-time favorite. If I had to start a collection again from scratch, this would be a no-brainer.

A note on the eyeshadows though: If I had to start my collection from scratch I would for sure choose a palette instead of two single shadows, and my pick would be the Wet’N’Wild “Comfort Zone” palette. It is dirt cheap and has amazing colors. I think I would then pick the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation for my 15th item, since I would suddenly have an open spot on my list.

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4 thoughts on “My make-believe minimalist makeup collection

  1. Gitte Brunstad says:

    This would be quite an easy task for me. I counted my entire collection. 23 items. Reflects how much I know about make-up. I want to expand, and get something for my eyebrows for instance, but I’m usually to embarrassed to ask for advice while shopping and end up not buying anything.

    • There’s no need to know a lot about makeup though, and my collection is borderline obscene! If you want a recommendation for a brow product I’d try the NYX Micro brow pencil, they are nice, easy and reasonably priced for a beginner. And some kind of clear brow gel. No need to go fancier than that :)

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