May Purchases

May Purchases

Oh yes, it is that time of the month again. Purchase roundup time! I didn’t do as badly as last month, in fact, I think I did quite well. I know I said I wouldn’t buy more makeup, but I think we can all agree that that’s a lost cause by now.

1. Kicks Lipsticks in “Cameo Brooch” and “Peach Pleaser”. I bought Cameo Brooch because I wanted something a bit classy and neutral-y, and Peach Pleaser because it was light, summery and juicy-looking. These were the first lipsticks that I have bought from Kicks’ own brand, and I quite liked them. Peach Pleaser especially has been finding its way into my work makeup bag a lot.

2. Quartz crystal pendant from a local stone shop (similar, adlink). Because I like crystals and it was pretty. I like to layer silver necklaces and pendants, and this one fit quite nicely into my little collection.

3. Leather dog collar and metal name tag for The Poodle. Because she didn’t have one and it was her birthday, which seemed as good an occasion as any to get them for her. It has the added bonus of making little jingling noises, which means I can hear where she is and what she’s up to. The little sneak.

4. Max Factor Color Elixir Lip Liner in “Red Rush”. Because I didn’t own a red lip liner, and I wanted to wear red lip stick at work. I’m really clueless when it comes to lip liners, but it seems to do what it is supposed to do, which is good enough for me.

5. A birthday present for The Boyfriend, because he turns 28 in June!

6/7/8. Silver necklaces from Etsy. As I Mentioned I really love to layer silver necklaces, but a lot of what I own is a bit  on the larger side. I wanted something daintier, and these three from Etsy fit the bill perfectly. They weren’t at all pricey either, which is a big plus. Similar moon necklace, similar moon necklace. (adlinks)

9. Fabric dye. I did three little dye experiments this month. I had two skirts from Zara that I wore much too infrequently, and a cashmere sweater from Zadig & Voltaire that had gotten a terrible stain that wouldn’t come out. You are really not supposed to use regular dyes on wools an cashmeres at all, but as these garments weren’t really being used anymore I figured I had very little to lose by trying.

The first skirt, a wool/tencel mix in red, was supposed to handle the washing machine at 30 degrees celcius, so that is how I dyed it. I used a black dye, and the skirt turned the most beautiful burgundy color – but it also shrank a LOT. The second skirt was the exact same but in beige. Instead of using the washing machine I soaked it in warm water mixed with navy dye for two days, and it turned out great. It now looks like a dark denim. The Zadig and Voltaire sweater, however, was a little more nerve-wrecking. It was originally a light warm gray color, and I had found the most beautiful petrol blue dye. I dyed it in the same way as the beige skirt, but alas, the dye took very unevenly. It now looks like it has been tie-dyed! But hey, if Isabel Marant can do tie-dye, I can do tie-dye.

10. Inglot eye shadow palette. I did a whole post on this one, which you can read here!

11. Estée Lauder blush in “Tease”. Now, this one was limited edition and ridiculously expensive. I had been drooling over it for weeks, but could not in any way justify getting it – until I sold one of my sadly unloved handbags to a friend. The extra funds meant I could treat myself to this, pink, shimmery, luxurious-looking product. I love it.

12/13/14. MAC Eyeshadows in Sketch, Blanc Type and Wedge. I had a MAC quad with three empty slots in it from my MAC gift-card spree earlier this year, and I thought it was time to fill it up. I googled swatches beforehand, and I knew which colors I already had and that the new ones had to go with. When the sales assistant and I were done putting together the palette she was so pleased she gave me a double high-five. I love MAC so much, they have the best SAs!

15. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in “Summer Pink”. Another sheer, summery color that I have been using a lot this month. This might be the closest I will be able to get to a “nude” color without looking completely washed out, as I am one of those people who can’t do a classic nude lip at all without looking like a corpse.

16. IsaDora eyeshadow duo in #85 Fresco Beige. I know what you’re thinking: “Girl, that looks exactly like two of those MAC shadows that you got”. I promise you though, it doesn’t! Pinkie swear with a cherry on top! This is my “neutral eye with a cat-eye liner” duo, and the colors are both matte. I’m a big fan of IsaDora’s eyeshadows, and these are no exception. I love the fact that I can pack this duo with a gel liner and a mascara and be good to go for a weekend away.

17. Yikes, I completely forgot to mention the Rimmel Wake Me up and Bourjois Healthy Mix serum foundations. Read all about them here!

And that was that! It is now June, and I’m going to try to hibernate a bit, shopping-wise. I’m going to NYC in July after all, and I have to buy some rather boring grown-up things like some new bits of furniture and an insurance. But hey, summer has arrived and there are plenty of more worthwhile ways to spend one’s time! Ice cream in the park is my personal favorite. Mmm, sun.

P.S: I recently re-opened my Flickr account if anyone would like to have a look, as I thought their re-design was absolutely gorgeous. 1TB of free space for the free membership isn’t bad, either!



10 responses to “May Purchases”

  1. Nomadic D. says:

    Fun fun fun! You had quite the makeup month! I picked up a few lipsticks as well in May, something about summer approaching makes me want more color on my face. And nyc in july?! How fun! Husband and I are in the process of deciding to move out there, either this winter or soon thereafter, so I get excited just hearing people say the words. New. York. City. Yeah.


    • Maja says:

      Both April and May were makeup months, I am spinning a tiny bit out of control! Aah!

      You are moving to New York? How fun, that must be so exciting for you! I have never been there before, and I really can’t wait. I am literally counting the days :)

  2. Kali says:

    Spring is the season for make-up anyway, wanting to put on bright colours and welcome the sun :) Most of these brands are completely unknown to me, you you are a good source of information for me.

    I like natural stones jewelry as well, that kind of white/transparent crystal is great for the lighter days, isn’t it? (quartz and moonstone)

    I can imagine how excited you are to go to New York, the expectation is almost as delicious as the travel itself, isn’t it?

    • Maja says:

      I am so excited about the NYC trip, I swear, I made my first packing list in February. My budget is in place, I’ve made a shopping list, and The Boyfriend has been given the role of restaurant-finder. He’s the foodie, I just eat ;)

  3. Sue says:

    Ooh – are there any pics of the dye experiments? I got all excited when I saw the Dylon dye box as I was thinking of buying a denim blue dye for a pair of jeans to take it from very pale to a much darker denim (more flattering) but haven’t done so because (1) the jeans are brand new and (2) it’s a faff and why do I have to spend an extra £5 on a pair of jeans to get the colour I want – except I can’t find a pair in the style and colour I want unless I dye them. Dilemmas dilemmas!

    • Maja says:

      You know, I should probably do a post on the dye experiments, I am sure there are other people out there who are trying to find out what happens when you try to dye wool and cashmere! Coming up in the next few days :)

      I’d say go for it, jeans are really easy to dye. I always dye my black jeans when they are starting to fade to gray. It is dead simple, as long as you follow the instructions :)

  4. […] my May Purchases post I briefly mentioned that I had recently done a few experiments with fabric dye. The three […]

  5. Benedicte says:

    For en fin blogg du har! Gøy å snuble over andre som er like nerd når det gjelder klær og sminke som en selv. ;) Har kost meg med å bla meg helt tilbake til start her inne. Synes forresten det er fint at du skriver så åpent om dine erfaringer med depresjon. Og pluss for masse fine bilder av verdens vakreste by. ;)

    • Maja says:

      Tusen takk for kjempekoselig kommentar Benedicte! Nerd er nok rette uttrykket å bruke ja, for jeg kan gå riktig så metodisk til verks. Men hei, har man en digital versjon av klesskapet sitt lagret i Polyvore så er vel metodisk strengt tatt bare forbokstaven :P

      Så gøy at du liker bildene fra Bergen! Det har blitt lite nå i det siste (farskens pollen), men det kommer mer! :)

      • Benedicte says:

        Hehe, kjenner meg igjen, men du ligger nok et hode foran meg med Polyvore-garderoben din! Kjenner at jeg blir litt misunnelig faktisk..! :P Men jo, lister og organisering og ikke minst den evige jakten på den perfekte et-eller-annet, det kan vel ikke kalles annet enn en smule nerdete. ;)

        Og ja til flere bilder, det er så kjekt å se byen gjennom noen andres øyne. :)

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