Giveaway – The winner

It is time to announce the winner of my giveaway! A big thank you to everyone who participated, I have practically been sitting on my hands all week to keep from answering your comments. They were all so nice and very helpful, you really did give me a ton of ideas for new things to write about. I will go back and answer your comments as soon as I have published this post, and save all your ideas as drafts. Again, thank you so so much.

I employed The Boyfriend as Chief Giveaway Winner Picker and sent him to, where he made the site pick a number between 1 and 16. The winning number was #7, which means that the winner is…




(I love tacky, stupid gifs SO MUCH)

Congratulations Marte! I’m actually slightly jealous as I don’t have these particular nail polish colors myself, but I am trying to keep myself from buying any more so I will be living vicariously though your nails for the moment. I will send you an e-mail so you can give me your address :)


4 Responses to “Giveaway – The winner”

  1. Kali says:

    Oh I missed your giveaway post while I was in LA, I really like this idea to receive feedback from your readers, I would have liked to participate just to give you mine. Well, I still can now, can’t I?

    I really like your purchase round-ups, as you can imagine since I borrowed the concept from you on my own blog, I also loved your post on your day in pictures.

    But what I like most about your blog is its diversity. It’s not endless outfit posts (althgouh I like them too, in the middle of the rest) but a various mix of things that I guess correspond to what’s in your mind at the moment, may it be make-up things, pictures, geek stuff, personal posts… It all sounds very real, in a way, and I like it :)

    Something I’d like to hear more about is what you’d recommend in terms of books, music or films etc. We seem to have similar taste so if you could make me discover new things it would be great!

    • Maja says:

      Thanks a lot for the feedback Kali, that is really helpful! I’m glad to hear the mix of subjects is a plus, because I sometimes worry about my lack of a clear niche, if that makes sense. I’d hate to limit myself to one subject though, as this is a place for me to publish whatever I want to ;)

      I have actually been thinking about making a few music posts! I’m an avid user of Spotify and have quite a few playlists in rotation, so I will definitely keep that in mind :)

  2. Marte P. S. says:

    Åh, eg ELSKA gif’en :D hurra! Gleda meg til å bruke neglelakken og å fråtse i smash! Og ikkje minst til å skrive fine ting i fin notatbok. Tusentusen takk! :)

    • Maja says:

      Hihihi, så gøy at du gleder deg Marte! Jeg fikk sendt pakken til deg i går, så nå skal den være på vei :)

      (Og jeg byttet ut den lille Smashposen med en stor en, fordi hallo, Smash er digg!)

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