Elle Magazine: 10 rules of style, part 1

I don’t read many fashion magazines, in fact, I only read Elle UK regularly. I started my subscription a few years ago, and bought it every single month for a long time before that. I’m not quite sure why it is the only one I bother reading, but it doesn’t seem to be as full of confidence-destroying “advice” and general junk as a lot of other women’s magazine. I want fashion and beauty, not recipes, sex tips, training regiments and statements about how my brows are too limp and my elbows are too wrinkly and my vagina is, I don’t know, too sad looking. Leave my vagina alone, dammit, I just want to look at handbags! Anyway, they had a regular column a few years ago where they would feature a well-known woman in every issue and present her 10 rules of style. I absolutely loved this column, and a while back I decided to scan them so that they would be easier to find. The fact that I could share them with you guys didn’t even dawn on me until last week, but better late than never, right?

You can click them for a larger view!

Anya Hindmarch: English fashion accessories designer (and the woman behind the global sell out “I’m not a plastic bag” tote back in 2007, I’m sure a lot of you remember that one).

Anya Hindmarch 10 Rules of Style

Sonia Rykiel: Needs to introduction. It’s Sonia, bitch!

Sonia Rykiel 10 Rules of Style

Savannah Miller: Previously one of the co-designer behind Twenty8Twelve, now designing solo under her own name.

Savannah Miller 10 Rules of Style

Elle Macpherson: Model, actress, businesswoman.

Elle Macpherson 10 Rules of Style

Roberta Armani: Giogios niece, Armani ambassador and liaison to her uncle.

Roberta Armani 10 Rules of Style

What do you think, are there any rules here that you can relate to? Do you have any “rules of style” of your own?


17 thoughts on “Elle Magazine: 10 rules of style, part 1

  1. Julianne says:

    I really like Sonia Rykiel’s first advice – Know Yourself. The only style rule I have is “Be You”. I had to learn that even though I appreciate different styles and would *like* to emulate Audrey Hepburn or Dita von Teese, I’m more…Mötley Crüe meets Noel Fielding. I’m always most confident when I look like a rock ‘n roll trashcan, so that’s just how I have to roll!

    • Mötley Crüe meets Noel Fielding sounds pretty badass, though! High five for rock’n’roll trashcans! I had a period of time where I thought I wanted to be Zooey Deschanel. That didn’t work out.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I’m actually surprised because when I read “Elle fashion advice” I thought it would be awful arbitrary rules like ‘never wear more than 3 colours in one outfit’.

    But on the contrary, these tips are great, personal but reader can relate to and adapt to their own style. As to if I have tips of my own, I am quite surprised to say that I do, some of them similar to what’s in these pages. 2 years ago I would never imagine I’d go as far as to know my personal style and have rules that work.

    • Trust me, I would never post those kinds of fashion “rules”! I do have a few rules as well, although my favorite fashion-related rule is “never trust a man in white jeans” ;)

    • I’m the same, I can’t do a kitten heel. I think they look frumpy on me, or like I’m afraid to wear a “proper” heel because of my height. I mostly wear flats, but I’ll break out a good heel if the occasion allows it ;)

    • I have a black book with magazine cutouts too! I’ve been really bad at actually gluing them in though, I have so many loose pages. I blame the spray glue, it is such a hassle! ;)

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