Elle Magazine: 10 rules of style, part 2

Okay, time for part 2 of my little “Elle Magazine: 10 Rules of Style” mini series! I was so happy to hear that you liked the first one, because it feels a little bit like a cop-out to post things from magazines. Then again I usually love it when others do this, because there’s so much bland mumbo-jumbo to wade through in the world of magazines and I think it is terrific when bloggers share the truly good stuff. At least I know that doing these posts has made me want to go through my magazine backlog again! Okay, let’s get cracking…


Sophia Kokosalaki: Greek, London-based designer. Check her out on Net-a-porter!

Sophia Kokosalaki 10 Rules of Style


Mary Portas: English retail expertand broadcaster, best known for her retail and business related television shows.

Mary Portas 10 Rules of Style

Serena Rees: Co-founder of Agent Provocateur. She currently owns Cocomaya chocolatiers – Yum!

Serena Rees 10 Rules of Style

Roksanda Ilincic: Serbian fashion designer based in London, known for her elegant day and evening dresses.

Roksana Ilincic 10 Rules of Style


Daphne Guinness: It’s Daphne, bitch! (Yes, I liked that one so much I used it twice. Sue me).

Daphne Guiness 10 Rules of Style

9 thoughts on “Elle Magazine: 10 rules of style, part 2

  1. I love these – I’m so behind on my reading at the moment so have had to come back to appreciate these. I don’t always buy Elle but I love articles like this – everyone is so different and love all the fashion advice dispensed by the lovely ladies.

    1. No worries Sue! I’m very behind on my blogs thee days as well, especially during the weekdays. Commenting 2-3 days later has become to rule rather than the exception for me, but who cares, comments are always appreciated either way! :)

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