Elle Magazine: 10 rules of style, part 2

Okay, time for part 2 of my little “Elle Magazine: 10 Rules of Style” mini series! I was so happy to hear that you liked the first one, because it feels a little bit like a cop-out to post things from magazines. Then again I usually love it when others do this, because there’s so much bland mumbo-jumbo to wade through in the world of magazines and I think it is terrific when bloggers share the truly good stuff. At least I know that doing these posts has made me want to go through my magazine backlog again! Okay, let’s get cracking…

Sophia Kokosalaki: Greek, London-based designer. Check her out on Net-a-porter!

Sophia Kokosalaki 10 Rules of Style

Mary Portas: English retail expertand broadcaster, best known for her retail and business related television shows.

Mary Portas 10 Rules of Style

Serena Rees: Co-founder of Agent Provocateur. She currently owns Cocomaya chocolatiers – Yum!

Serena Rees 10 Rules of Style

Roksanda Ilincic: Serbian fashion designer based in London, known for her elegant day and evening dresses.

Roksana Ilincic 10 Rules of Style

Daphne Guinness: It’s Daphne, bitch! (Yes, I liked that one so much I used it twice. Sue me).

Daphne Guiness 10 Rules of Style


9 thoughts on “Elle Magazine: 10 rules of style, part 2

  1. I love these – I’m so behind on my reading at the moment so have had to come back to appreciate these. I don’t always buy Elle but I love articles like this – everyone is so different and love all the fashion advice dispensed by the lovely ladies.

    • No worries Sue! I’m very behind on my blogs thee days as well, especially during the weekdays. Commenting 2-3 days later has become to rule rather than the exception for me, but who cares, comments are always appreciated either way! :)

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