How to pack for a trip

Another suggestion that popped up a few times when I asked for post ideas on Instagram was a post about how to pack for travel. I’m usually away from home for about 50-60 days of the year, in a mix of work-related and personal trips, so by now I like to think I’m pretty good at curating a suitcase (barf). Your wish is my command, so here are all my favorite packing-related tips and tricks.

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Photos from New York 2015

I know I’m late posting these, but finally I managed to write a post about my summer trip to NYC. We stayed for 10 days and had a ridiculously great time. Our temporary home was the Archer Hotel in Midtown and we absolutely loved it. The rooms are on the smaller side but super nice, the staff were nothing but wonderful, and they brought little treats up to our room every evening. What’s not to love?That’s me in our hotel bed, watching real American morning TV with my English Breakfast tea and Greek yoghurt.

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Photos from New York City

Hello again! I am back home from my holiday, and after almost a week of unpacking and jet lag I have finally managed to sit down and look through my photos from New York City. We had a wonderful time. We flew across the Atlantic on the 19th of July, and arrived in NY around midnight local time after forcing ourselves to stay awake during the entire flight. It took a good handful of episodes of Fringe to get us through it, and we were dead tired when we finally crashed into our hotel bed, but it was so worth it. We stayed at the Distrikt Hotel during our entire stay and absolutely loved it there. The room was nice, and the staff made us feel incredibly welcome. If you are planning a trip yourself then I would gladly recommend a stay there.

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