Why I’m a Feminist

Maja explains why she's a feminist.

I’m a feminist…

  • Because people tell me I’m lucky I have a man who likes to cook.
  • Because I’m not even 30 and I have been asked about when I’m going to have children for nearly a decade.
  • Because I’m not even sure I want children, and I am scared shitless of your reaction if it turns out that I don’t.
  • Because people assume I’m bitter over the fact that my boyfriend has not yet proposed to me.
  • Because people assume I dream of my future wedding when in reality I dread the thought of the expense, the work and the attention.
  • Because you’re surprised to find out I’m into technology and gadgets.
  • Because when I tell you where I work, your reply is more often than not “oh, so you work in insert-entry-level-position-here?”

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Guest Post: Kanutten’s Travel Routine

Hi guys! Maja told me how much you liked my last guest post, so here I am again. Long time no see! I’ve been totes busy eating, sleeping and chasing my squeaky frog toy around, but today I’m taking time out of my busy schedule to drop some knowledge on you. The holidays are upon us and many of you are probably getting ready to travel home to your families right now, so what better time for a travel routine post?

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Scandi chic: the new Parisienne?

Dear Parisiennes: I get it now. Truly, I do. I apologize for my ridiculous behavior. We caught on a while ago to the fact that there is no single “Parisienne” style of dressing and that this French Voguette/Jane Birkin hybrid beast only exists in books and blogs and magazines, but it was still a fun idea to play with. All those breton shirts, all that je ne sais pas (typo, but I’m keeping it), and let’s not forget that effortlessness, right girls? So much effortlessness, massive amounts of effortlessness, it was borderline exhausting! Don’t worry though, you will be happy to know that there seems to be a completely new mythological girl to emulate.

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On Fitness

On Fitness: A blog post about how much I'm over the blogosphere's fitness craze

No no, don’t leave! I swear, I’m not going to tell you to boost your protein intake, or bake a 100 calorie “chocolate cake” to satisfy your sweet tooth (because god knows that shit is NOT chocolate cake), or to follow the latest Instagram fitness queen. We’ve had enough of that, right? We’re sick of being told to “drop it like a squat” or “train insane or remain the same”. We don’t need the 10 minute butt workout, and if I see another blogger post a recipe of protein pancakes I swear I will scream! THEY DON’T TASTE LIKE PANCAKES!

Phew, now that I got that out of my system…

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Kanutten’s 5 piece french wardrobe

Kanutten the toy poodle shows off her perfect 5 piece French minimalist wardrobe

Hi everyone! My name is Kanutten and I will be your guest blogger for today. Maja needed a day off, so she propped me up on a chair and left me by the keyboard. This was fine by me – I am featured far too rarely on this thing and today I am taking it upon myself to make poodle the new black. Prepare your eyeballs, because I’m coming for them.

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