My make-believe minimalist makeup collection

After my last blog post I got a question on Instagram from @mycatssaymeow, who asked me which makeup products I would pick if I had to narrow my collection down to 15 items. This was surprisingly easy to answer, but I suppose most of us have those staple products that we reach for day in and day out, right?

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Downsizing Beauty: the update

Back in august I wrote a post about how I wanted to downsize my makeup collection and how I would update you on the process after a few months. We then proceeded to buy an apartment and got caught up in all things moving related, and it is now 6 months later and I am slightly embarrassed by my lack of an update. But better late than never, right? Get ready for some #shittyminimalism!

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Review: You Need A Budget

You need a budget. Come on now, of course you do. We all do! If you are a long-time reader you will remember that I once wrote a blog post called On Money where I shared with you how I used to do my budgeting. Well, that post is no longer around. This new system is much better and I don’t want you to follow my old advice.

Enter: You Need A Budget.

YNAB app spread

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