On Fitness

On Fitness: A blog post about how much I'm over the blogosphere's fitness craze

No no, don’t leave! I swear, I’m not going to tell you to boost your protein intake, or bake a 100 calorie “chocolate cake” to satisfy your sweet tooth (because god knows that shit is NOT chocolate cake), or to follow the latest Instagram fitness queen. We’ve had enough of that, right? We’re sick of being told to “drop it like a squat” or “train insane or remain the same”. We don’t need the 10 minute butt workout, and if I see another blogger post a recipe of protein pancakes I swear I will scream! THEY DON’T TASTE LIKE PANCAKES!

Phew, now that I got that out of my system…

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Kanutten’s 5 piece french wardrobe

Kanutten the toy poodle shows off her perfect 5 piece French minimalist wardrobe

Hi everyone! My name is Kanutten and I will be your guest blogger for today. Maja needed a day off, so she propped me up on a chair and left me by the keyboard. This was fine by me – I am featured far too rarely on this thing and today I am taking it upon myself to make poodle the new black. Prepare your eyeballs, because I’m coming for them.

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A week without my iPhone

I’m permanently attached to my iPhone. Big surprise, most of us are after all. It is my phone, my camera, my notepad, my calendar, my radio, my music player, my weather report, my health tracker, my contact list, my source of entertainment and my means of communicating with anyone who is further than 30 feet away from me. I check it constantly, I post photos to Instagram several times a day, and I scroll through Tumblr or Pinterest when I’m bored. I only ever turn it off when I board a plane, and I turn it right back on again as soon as the plane has started taxiing upon arrival. I can’t imagine my life without it.

Which is why I decided to ditch it completely for a whole week.


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On depression: one year later

I have realized lately that my little depression chronicles (read part 1 and part 2) felt unfinished. I wrote about my experience with depression pre treatment and during treatment, but I have yet to write a single word about my experience with the after. It is just an important part of the story after all, and seeing as this is now my third “after” it sure is about time that I write about it.

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On depression: three months later

It has now been three months since I wrote my blog post On Depression, so I feel like it is about time to give you a little update on how I’m doing. After all, part of the reason why I wrote it was to make depression seem a little less severe and scary, so it seems only fair that I give you an update on how things are going three months down the road. Now, before I continue, I think I need to clarify – depression IS severe and scary. It can feel frightening on the verge of paralyzing, and a lot of the time it disguises itself so well that you end up thinking that this is just the way you are, they way your personality is, and the way things will always be. I hope I managed to explain in my previous post on the subject that this is not the way it has to be, but in case you don’t quite believe me I thought I would write a little about how my experience has been since I started treatment.

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On depression

Well, shit. I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to do this again, but here I am, light-headed and slightly dizzy at the doctor’s office. It has been a little over two years since the last time, and three-and-a-half years since the first time. To my own credit I am handling it very nonchalantly this time around – I ordered the appointment by text message yesterday morning and now I am here. I am wearing comfortable but smart clothes, brought sunglasses despite the rain and avoided mascara, as mascara is always best applied in the ladies room after these things are over and done with.

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