Better blogging: the ultimate resource list


I don’t know about you, but I am pretty much always on the lookout for blogging inspiration in general, and tips and tricks in particular. When I do happen to stumble across a good resource I always bookmark it, and today I thought I would share some of my favorite resources with you! I know a few of you have requested more blogging tips, and this really is my ultimate list of inspirational resources. You might no agree with everything there, but I can promise you that you will find something here to get you excited about blogging again. Pinky swear!


Blog Design Resources for 2013: ideas, books, tutorials, icons, fonts, clip art

6 Graphic Design Resources For Fashion Bloggers

Creating a Graphics Style Guide

Why every blogger should have a media kit

The Ultimate Collection Of Useful Photoshop Actions

Stock.XCHNG, the leading FREE stock photo site

Promotion and SEO

30 Ways to Get More Visibility

SEO basics for bloggers

Show Your Worth: The Power Of A Blogger’s Case Study

Run a SWOT Analysis on Your Blog

Strutting the Ranks: The IFB Beginner’s Guide to SEO

More is More: 20 Essential Traffic-Driving Tips

Your blog post promotion checklist

Legal stuff

Understanding Copyright And Licenses

The Joy of Accounting

General tips and inspiration

50 Online Tools to Better Your Blog

10 Surefire Ways to Overcome Blogging Procrastination

4 Key Criteria to Build Your Dream Blog

13 Steps to Being the Worst Blogger on the Planet

Five Copywriting Errors That Can Ruin A Company’s Website

9 Steps to Take When You Loathe Your Own Blog

31 Days to building a better blog

98 Blog Tips for a Lazy Sunday

Steal Appeal: 10 Sites To Source Your Next Post Idea

I hope this was helpful to some of you. Click around, see if something catches your eye, or bookmark this post and save it for a rainy day. Who knows, it might just provide you with the extra boost of energy that you need to step up your blogging game. Oh and if you have any great links, resources or tips that aren’t mentioned here, please share in the comments!


14 thoughts on “Better blogging: the ultimate resource list

  1. I like the general tips and organisation links – some of the titles just appeal to me like – 13 steps to becoming the worst blogger on the planet. I may have practiced the odd one or two in my time.

    And Maja – I officially crown you Geek Queen.

  2. Fantastisk, tusentusen takk. Synd det endelig er blitt sol og finvær så man må være ute istedet for inne med blogg, men jeg lagrer denne siden og finner garantert tilbake til den når regnet er tilbake.

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