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2020 shopping fast update: month 3

So, in the midst of a life-threatening global pandemic… Let’s do a shopping fast update, questionmark? These are the things that I bought in January, February and March.

So, to remind you of the rules I set for myself:
1. I can replace things that I wear out or run out of. Within reason.
2. I won’t be as strict with digital things like eBooks and movies, since they don’t take up physical space.
3. That also goes for food, drink and travel, because experiences are better than things.

Also: If I find a few amazing things throughout the year that I know I will really use and love – the kind where I know I will kick myself for months if I don’t buy them – I’m still going to pick them up. And plants are okay as long as I’ve got space for them.

You can find the original post here if you want to read it.

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Shit I needed

Turns out, I did need to buy a few things, and these things were overwhelmingly cosmetics. I’m sure there is an interesting observation about gender and consumer habits there…

  • A waterproof felt-tip marker, to write on photos
  • A waterproof eyeliner
  • A day cream
  • A lip balm
  • Makeup remover
  • A mascara
  • Two more eyeliners, because the first one dried up after two weeks. I bought two since I had to buy them from the US and it made sense to buy more than one.
  • A night cream
  • A BB Cream
  • Two more mascaras (I know, I know, they were on sale though and I know I’ll use them)
  • A wool/silk mix top, to replace one I wear all the time but destroyed in the wash
  • Some flower pots
The "needs" I bought in january, february and match

Shit I bought because I really really really wanted them

These fell under the “will kick myself for months and months category.

  • A Vogue UK from June 2012. Solely because I wanted the Tim Walker photospread with Sir David Attenborough so I can scan it and one day put it up on my wall.
  • A pair of black wide-leg jeans. They fit me perfectly, were on sale, and I’ve only worn skinny jeans for the last 10+ years. I’ve already worn them so much.
  • A Ghost band tee. I wanted to buy this last year, but the print was sold out from their official merch site. When I found it in February it was a no-brainer.
  • A Coach handbag. Hear me out here. I saw this bag in Portugal in August 2019 and I haven’t stopped thinking about it. I’ve been low-key stalking it on eBay, and a few weeks ago it popped up, new with tags and $120 cheaper than the others that were avaliable. I pounced at it like a jungle cat and I have #noragrats.
  • A book written by a long-time internet friend.


  • A philodendron “pink princess”. A super hard-to-get plant that my local garden center suddenly had in stock at a ridiculously low price.
  • A Hoya pubicalyx
  • A Lithops aucampiae
  • A Hoya australis “Lisa”
  • A Calathea Freddie
  • A Calathea sanderiana
  • A Calathea rufibarba

And that was it. It’s been in interesting exercise to log all my purchases like this, and it’s been an eye-opener to see how many things I buy just because I need to replace something. Ideally there would have been fewer items in the “things I really really wanted” category, but I still feel okay about the things I bought.

I’ll write a new update at the end of June. If I were to peek into my crystal ball I don’t see a lot of shopping in my future – like most of you I have other things on my mind right now. I hope you’re doing okay.

Header photo by Lucrezia Carnelos on Unsplash


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